Uruz: WFRP


Isaz: A land of snow and ice, located far to the north. Home to the Dwarves and Steppe-Elves
UnderIsaz is the home of the Goblin Hordes
Native Languages: Isa, Icewalker

Ferill: The largest, central country, prosperous and wealthy, home of culture and philosophy, self-described as the shining jewel of the islands.
Native Language: Feh (aka common)

Ligumm: The Easternmost country, composed of independent island and city-states, known for raiding, piracy and trade
UnderLigumm is the domain of the Drow, who live in relative peace with the Legumm
Native Language: Lagun

Hundred Kingdoms: Previously a diverse area of minor waring states, a recently burst of expansion has left two larger ones, Beshilu and (Placeholder)
Native Language: n/a

Persh: South-Easterly country of vast forests, known for it's production of valuable sap, and it's reliance of slavery. Home to the Lizardmen and Common Elves
The thick roots of Underpersho means very little lives here, some Lizardmen occupy old temples here, but seem separate from the Underkingdom
Native Language: Persh, Togh

Sah'weyo: Southern land of heat of heat and sand, home of the great archives of magic
Under the Hundred Kingdoms lurk ancient Liches and their undead forces
Native Language: Sehyo

People and NPCs: People of note in the nations of Uruz

Religion The people of Uruz worship a variety of different gods, the Old Gods, recognised in one form or another through the entire continent, and the New Gods, who tend to belong to localised cults.

Money A breakdown on currency and value

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