Agasha Kai

Agasha Kai

In early 1166, the Daiymo of the Phoenix Clan received a message from one of the Emerald Magistrates requesting a representative from that family to meet him at the village of Toi Koku, near the border between the Dragon and Unicorn lands. Agasha Kai was sent to be her Family's representative, with a letter of recommendation from her Daiymo:

"Agasha Kai is a valued and trusted member of the Phoenix Clan and the Agasha Family. She is very honest and will assist in whatever you need her to do. Her language skills are excellent, with a high understanding of Naga, Nezumi, Ningyo, Ogre, Ruumal (Ivory Coast), Senpet, Sign Language, Thrane and Yobanjin. She is highly trained with her Katana and knows some powerful magic that should protect her, and you, from harm. I hope you do not need all her skills, that she assists you with honour and she tries to remember that all she hears is not always true. Agasha Chieh"

Kai agreed almost instantly to assist the Emerald Magistrate with the current troubles between the Unicorn Clan and the Dragon Clan, setting off the very next day after breakfast with two of the other Samurai's from other families. She and Isawa Ebisu found a samurai called Togashi Erke and two Ashigaru dressed in Dragon armour, and together they asked the samurai questions about the recent raids. Shosuo Isei had disappeared before the two groups met. Kai learnt that the Dragon Clan was performing raids on the Unicorn Clan due to the Unicorn Clan killing the transport and then stealing their supplies and are acting under the orders of his Daiymo. The Dragon Clan had received goods of roughly equal worth, and so long as the Unicorn cease their attacks, Togashi Erke sees no reason that they should have to continue the raids. They claim to have only killed three of the Unicorn Clan, although several times that of the Eta's have died.

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