Spending Experience

You'll get experience at the end of every session, generally this will be three, but it depends how much happens - a short/slow session will warrant less, but a session where nothing happens, but you spend it talking In Character will (it's a reward for Roleplaying, not for getting stuff done - that'll bring rewards of it's own).

Spending experience works in several ways, so we'll look at each one.
(These are liable to change at high levels - 10+. But I'll look at that when we get there.)

Where there are time guidelines, there's some leniency. As we have regular small amounts of down-time, you won't be expected to mention it every time. Basically, you tell me when you begin ("I'm going to train for an hour a night, for a week"), and we'll know when the time's up. You must have the xp before you begin training.

It's possible that you won't actually need to return to your school - if someone from your school, of a higher rank, is nearby, you may be able to convince them to teach you.

If you use the skill (or roll unskilled), you may spend experience at the end of a session to increase the skill. Alternately a character may teach a skill (up to one rank lower than they have), by spending an hour in training (you cannot increase the skill after making a single roll against an ally).
To raise a skill above 6+, it must be after being used against a competent opponent - you won't get the experience neccisarily to increase Defence to 9, because a child tried to hit you in the leg with a stick. (Ask me, and I'll say).
As returning to your school can take several weeks, I'll generally aim to have some down-time prepared for periods when several people need it :D

To increase a trait, it must be RPed, involving several hours of training (twice as many as the trait will be). You cannot be taught this, but the time can be spread out over any amount of time.

As other traits, typically the training will be meditation-type activities. Koans and that.

This is entirely dependant on the Advantage in question

Kata & Kiho:
This requires training from someone who already knows the Kata. Traditionally this involves returning to your school.

Insight and Rank:
You'll need to tell me when you reach the relevent level of Insight to go up a rank, as I won't be tracking it specifically. Actually going up in rank will involve returning to your school.

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