Losing/Gaining Honor, Glory and Status

Keeping track of these things is going to be a Bastard. So, here's how I'm going to do it:

Status - I'll track this - if it goes up, it'll be a planned, plot-based Status-up

Glory - There's a breakdown of what earns glory on page 188. Doing the act isn't glorious though, it's people talking about it.
Whenever you enter a friendly village or town, we'll do a Glory update. People whisper me acts the party (not just themselves) have done that they're willing to menion, positive or negative (this is entirely anonymous, as it's a time-saving thing for me). If you're travelling with NPCs, they'll do the same. When you leave the village, we'll update your glory.

Honour - This is going to change a lot more often than the other two. Below is a list of acts and their honour loss/gain for your Status. I'll try to track this and I'll mention it in the main thread, if you're doing it publicly (this is so I don't get whispers from Everyone when someone does something honourable, but is open to debate). If you see something that you think warrants an honour change, let me know.
THe honour breakdown is listed on page 191

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