Iuchi Ken
Name Iuchi Ken
Clan Unicorn Clan
Family Iuchi Family
School Iuchi Shugenja School
Description Ken is a tall, thin man, in his late twenties. His long dark hair is tied together behind him, and a small pair of half moon glasses rests on his nose. He moves with a loping gait that covers a surprising amount of distance, bringing him closer to people much faster than they expect. People around him often complain of feeling uneasy, and he is often the first suspected, because of it. Due to this, he is often without the company of other people, roaming the country with his horse, Traveller, further increasing his awkwardness around others.
History During Ken's training with the the Unicorn family…

But other students found something odd about Ken, and he often became the butt of childish pranks and attacks, which were not helped by the adults, who found his perfect recall unsettling. He did not excel at much within the school, and it seemed to be with great pleasure that he was shifted to the Iuchi Shugenja School, when his talent of communicating with the Kami started to manifest.

Ken found the difference in training to be more fitting to his style, and he progressed quickly through the school, but never earning a distinction in any of the areas. Along with his training, Ken learnt the skills that had been neglected at the original school, quickly learning calligraphy and painting. It was during one of Kens painting sessions that his sensei, Irugasi, noticed the level of detail he had placed into the layout of the surrounding lands. Taking Ken and the painting outside, it was shown to be a perfect representation of the landscape.

Training quickly changed for Ken after that. Very few of the Imperial Cartographers were Samurai, and even fewer were from the Unicorn clan. An appointment within them would bring much honour to his family, and would take him out of the Iuchi's hands.


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