Kakita Yoshiro

Kakita Yoshiro (Born Kakita Ichiro, Hantei 1145) is a member of the Kakita Family of the Crane Clan, and is a member of the Kakita Bushi School.



During Yoshiro's training he showed a natural skill in the art of Iaijutsu. In 1155, the first year of his study at the Kakita Bushi School, he competed in the School's annual Iaijutsu tournament which pitted the first year students against each other. Despite competing with a broken rib sustained before the tournament, he finished second, eventually losing to Kakita Saburou, a fellow Crane who would go on to become his greatest rival - and greatest friend - at the school.


On his Geppuku, he took the name Yoshiro, replacing his given name of Ichiro. The name, meaing "Righteous Son", was chosen to honour his father, Toshi, who had died a year previously. At the Geppuku ceremony he was presented with Rokutora, a fine Kakita Blade crafted for his ancestor Kakita Kenyu.


In 842, Kenyu was a teacher at the Kakita Bushi School. In his mid 20s, Kenyu was courting Kakita Yua, a renowned courtier of the Kakita court and close friend of Kakita Rin, daughter of then Daimyo Kakita Taichi. One afternoon in the month of Shinjo, Kenyu was walking along the Emperor's Road with Yua and Rin when they were attacked by a group of six Tigers. Drawing his Katana, Kenyu demonstrated his great skill to fend off the Tigers, killing four of the beasts before the others fled from his steel, saving both women. The Daimyo, Kakita Taichi, was so thankful to Kenyu, and so impressed with his skill that he commanded that a mighty Kakita Blade be forged in honour of the defence of his daughter. The blade, named Rokutora, or "Six Tigers", was among the finest created by the Kakita Blacksmiths[citation needed] and was wielded with pride by Kenyu until his death, at which time it was passed on to his firstborn son, who left it to his firstborn son, passing down through the generations until it reached Yoshiro, who currently wields the blade.

In the service of the Emerald Magistrate

After several years training at Shiro Sano Kakita, Yoshiro was chosen to represent the Kakita family by the request of one of his Daimyo's old allies, an Emerald Magistrate. The mission took him to Toi Koku, a village in the lands of the Dragon Clan, where he met with his current travelling companions. On the request of an Emerald Magistrate, an old ally of his Daimyo, Yoshiro agreed to investigate the recent disturbances between the Unicorn and Dragon Clans. Yoshiro traveled with Tsuruchi Yumi and Iuchi Ken to a nearby Unicorn village, where he found a scene of chaos, with a group of Dragon Samurai seemingly running riot in the town. Upon seeing the carnage, Yoshiro…….

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