Tsuruchi Yumi

The Tsuruchi family were once the Wasp clan, now absorbed into Mantis. Though welcomed into the new, much bigger clan, they keep themselves apart from the other families and politics. Famed for their specialised bow making skills, they run the best Archery-based School in Rokugan.

Born early Spring of 1150, Yumi is the seventh child, and third daughter to Tsuruchi Saburou, a mid ranking member of the Tsuruchi family. Exceptionally talented with her bow, she quickly surpassed her brothers, but neglected her indoor studies, escaping to the surrounding forests whenever she could.

Though not petite, her full size Tsuruchi Longbow dwarfs her, making her seem smaller in comparison. Her hair is long, loose and black, with a few yellow-dyed streaks.

Quote by Yumi: "My Daimyo told me I could become a feared warrior if only I can overcome my inquisitive nature and tendency to be easily distra - OOH! A pretty Flower!"

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