Player Characters

"Legend of the <Relevant Plot Point>"

In early 1166, six Daimyos of the Clans of Rokugan recieved messages from one of the Emerald Magistrates. Some were old friends of the Magistrate; others owed him a debt that he was calling in. The Magistrate requested that a representative from each family meet him at the village of Toi Koku, near the border between the Dragon and Unicorn lands. So it came to pass that in the back room of a small, unassuming teashop, the Emerald Magistrate met with six Samurai, strangers from across the land, in a meeting that would change their lives forever…

Agasha Kai

66dugn.jpg Kai belongs to the Phoenix Clan and the Isawa Shugenja School. She loves languages and can currently understand most of them. She also is followed by a friendly Air kami.

Isawa Ebisu

20z1nux.jpg A Shugenja of the Phoenix Clan. Likes to write stuff.

Iuchi Ken

16k75p1.jpg Iuchi Shugenja School of the Unicorn Clan
Ken currently best serves the Unicorn Clan by assisting the Imperial Cartographers. His eidetic memory, love for exploration, and impressive athletic build make him perfectly suited for the task.

Kakita Yoshiro

sfzbyq.jpg A talented Duellist of the Crane Clan, Yoshiro trained at the Kakita Bushi school, excelling in the Art of the Duel.

Shosuro NOT A NINJA Isei

2n7qyl0.jpg Is most definitely Not a Ninja

Tsuruchi Yumi

25gcpj9.jpg A talented Archer from the Tsuruchi family, Yumi could become a feared warrior if she could only overcome her inquisitive nature and her tendency to be easily distra - OOH! A pretty Flower!

"Legend of <A Different Plot>"

Shosuro Enji

ftzm28.jpg Little is known about this Scorpion Courtier, other than her elegant grace and softly spoken words can enthrall even the most wary and cynical

Ikoma Tokue

20z1nux.jpg A graduate of the Akodo Bushi school, Tokue's teachings included tactics and the other subjects of command. Dedicated to the honour of himself and his clan, and determined to make up for the mistake that almost cost him his leg
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