House Rules and Errata

We're in a slightly awkward situation with the game - the only version of the rules I can find is 3E, and there's a revised edition out there (3ER). The easiest to find Erratta is 3RE. As we're not using 3RE, you wan't the 3E erratta, it's at

Losing/Gaining Honor, Glory and Status
Spending Experience

There's a lot of suppliments for the game out there, a lot of which will contain optional and extra rules. I've not read any of the suppliments, but welcome you to. If you'd like to use a rule from these books, let me know. We'll trial it, and if it's okay, we'll mention it here. (They'll need to be trialed as they'll be 1st and 2nd edition, and while the system hasn't changed Much, it may need tweaking). They may also include skills, which might be introduced into the full game.

New Skills
Sailing: This skill has Rank bonuses as Horsemanship, valid when standing on a boat

Unicorn School: Moto Bushi
When using the Rank One technique, you do not get the added .5 strength for using a heavy weapon, but add 3 dice when mounted.

Defence skill:
This rule is Proposed
Defence is much higher in 3ER, and the erratta includes it in it's entirety:
Add twice your defence to your standard TN to be hit (unless in full attack or supprised). May still make Agi/Defence rolls in full defence as normal(?).
Rank 3: may declare Full Defence posture before your turn, as your posture for the whole round
Rank 7: add 2*Defence to Base TN to be hit in Full Attack
Rank 10: may perform non spellcasting complex actions in Full Defence (not attacks)
This skill will significantly increase the difficulty for everything with Defence to be hit in combat, and as such will be tested in-game before being brought into play

This rule is Proposed
Armour does not increase difficulty to hit, the TN bonus is simply negated from damage taken.
As this is open to debate and tweaking, see the Discusion area

When creating a character, certain modifications may be allowed to his equipment, with GM's approval (For example, instead of taking 10 parchment and 10 pieces of charcoal, a character may be allowed to take 15 pieces of parchment and 5 pieces of charcoal, with the approval of the GM)

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