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Name: Ada Ruth Levy
Clan: Zantosa Toreador
Generation: It's not polite to ask
Sire: Kiss of Thorns
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence, Vicissitude

Skilled at: Medicine, investigation, conversation, seduction and correct ettiquette, as well as other talents. She is very perceptive and extremely good-looking. Her combat skills lie in her use of vicissitude as a weapon and firearms; her preferred weapon, other than her own body, is a crossbow.

Sex: Female
Apparent age: Early 20s
D.O.B: 3rd September 1958
R.I.P: 1st April 1982

Eyes: Smoke grey
Hair: Short ivory-blonde bob
Height: 5' 8"


Ada generally appears as a young woman in her early twenties. Her chin length, thick, ivory-blonde hair is straight as a poker. It is normally worn in a practical, stylish bob and shimmers as she moves. Though, she has been known to change the length, colour and style of her hair on infrequent occasions.

She is above the average height for a woman, though by no means very tall. Ada is alluringly pale-skinned, her skin almost translucent in its pearliness. She has a graceful, slender build, with almost boyish shoulders and hips, though again it is not unknown for her to assume a curvier figure.

Her perfectly straight nose sits above a small but well-formed mouth with glossy lips, normally a natural shade of pink, though on special occasions this may change to vamp red. Her large, smoke grey eyes seem a piercing shade of burnished iron and they catch the light beguilingly. She has long dark lashes and fine eyebrows.

Like her Sire, she is head-turningly attractive and of a beauty unknown to all but the fairest mortals. Unlike her Sire, being young as one of the Kindred, she does not change her appearance drastically as often and, as far as is known, she has never yet taken any other form than that of a young woman.

Her dress is never particularly outlandish, and though she often picks clothes from several different eras she is always stylishly dressed and co-ordinated. Her clothes are always very well cut and emphasis the features of her figure, they are made of good fabrics and in classic colours or neutrals, though her preference is for blue.

Typical attire would be a charcoal pencil skirt, a duck egg blue blouse, heels and a necklace of pearls. If much exertion is required she obviously dresses more practically.

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