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Name: Alexander 'Alex' Kiske
Role: Quartermaster/Radar
Clan: Not mentioned
Generation: 12th
Disciplines: Auspex, Presence (Maybe more)

Sex: Male
Stage Name: Matt Tuck
Apparent age: 25
Real age: 40's
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black w/ some blonde tips
Height: 5'11
Weapons: Straight Kodachi and Heavy Revolver (called ‘My path’)



Physically, very much like a regular person. He moves very smoothly while walking and seems determined and purposeful in his movements. If he is spoken to his head with turn very quickly, that sort of thing. When training he keeps pace for a very long time before tiring and puts a lot of effort into it, mentally as well. Very good looking and sports some jewellery like a ring in the middle of his lower lip and a few rings. Wears fashionable clothes such as long jeans and always a band t-shirt, sweatbands, a chain, fingerless gloves and comfortable shoes. When out on a hunt he wears a black trench coat.


A bastion of faith. He does everything for the Sabbat. He fights, trains and even plays music all to help the Sabbat in some way. Obedient and determined. He fears the coming Gehenna and so anything that promotes such a thing or gets in his way needs to be removed. Very controlled and very intuitive. His formal education doesn't extend very far, but everything he needs to know to be a vampire (as well as a few extras) are all there. Very attentive of his surrounding, his sense of hearing is nothing short of amazing. This makes him a perfectionist when playing guitar, and even the slightest mistake is something his mentally punishes himself for.


Very charismatic when the situation calls for it. He has a commanding presence in the stage and his voice certainly follows it up. His tireless determination and musical supremacy gives him a sort of confidence that allows him to play the leader when not with the pack, telling fans to throw their fists in the air an open the mosh pits. In the pack he is very obedient and will listen to commands from the Ductus, but may suggest improvements. In social settings such as in the dwellings, he will treat the pack members like brothers and sisters or equal ages, unless their attitudes make him think otherwise.


He is a very conservative person. Controlled and un-wasteful. If he is asked to kill a person, he will do just that. But there will be no pointless mutilating or sadistic actions involved. For this he is much like an assassin. If asked to make someone suffer he will do just that… . His combat style used a very simple Kodachi with a straight blade - Something functional. He tends to make use of grenades as well, though this usually just involves a smoke grenade to cover movement. His latest armament is a Taurus .44 revolver with an 8” barrel with a ‘Tree Of Life’ design and ‘My Path’ engraved. His attitudes to the Sabbat as an organisation and dislike of pointless torture means he is probably the most human-like of the pack. Just that he has a cause. He will not talk about his bloodline either, believing it not to be important and just seems to be an excuse to argue with people and cast judgement. The same goes for his generation.


He is a very light sleeper, probably a result of him being so human, and will tend to be up before everyone else. Any money he has acquired seems to go to the same things. These include rock and metal CDs (His collection is massive, spanning from the 70's), weapons/ammo and training aids such as weights, firing range membership and straw targets. He doesn't like to be around children (Not uncommon) but has some aversion to feeding from them.


Human background

Born in the late 60's in Boston, Alexander Kiske became a rebellious teenager as he got into music such as Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Like most, he owned a guitar and played in a small band he formed with his friends, but never really got anywhere. He attended a music college in Massachusetts and formed a small band with the intention of travelling. In late '80 he took to the road with his friends and planned on making a breakthrough, taking inspiration from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. However, with the sudden rush of other bands doing the same, his travels took him farther and farther from home. Winding up in New Orleans, his travels stopped there.

During the journey, they would sleep where they could find a bed. This usually was the garage or spare bed of a fan, with little room in the van. City destinations became houses of friends of friends who could set them up in the night. This usually resulted in the meeting very colourful characters who dabble in things they shouldn't. Eventually this all seemed to be very appealing. Before long they were taking a interest in occult items and small rituals, and began using small amounts on stage during performances to spice things up. They eventually found a group of people claiming to be vampires that had a special ritual for them…

The Embrace

They were given the chance to become vampires. A group of three people very caught up in the wild fashion and music were willing to turn them into vampires. Through lack of comfortable living conditions and decent food, the lush dwelling of these three people and their hospitality drained their will to refuse an offer that wasn't completely out of their appeal to begin with. After a long night of playing for just these vampires and even displays of improvisation and spontaneous song writing, they were finally given an embrace in separate rooms by a different vampire. However, it didn't go to plan.

After they were drained and given vitae, the dwelling was attacked by Sabbat Vampires. Alex was the last to receive vitae and the process was interrupted by smashing doors and yelling. As the fight continued, he started to stir, feeling the hunger for blood. As soon as he awoke he felt the beast and started to Frenzy. He grabbed on to the nearest vampire, the one who embraced him, and sucked his body for as much as he could. The Sabbat vampires were the victors and laughed at Alex's attempts to fend them off as the beast calmed down. They thought they could make use of him and his friends during the Jyhad conflicts that were springing up in the area.

Sabbat Initiation

They were put into a group of vampires and given the vaulderie ritual to bind them. There was little time without combat, as they were moved around the city as the first disposable pawns to rush the opposing forces. They were all against this new existence, though Alex did as he was told. He took the talk of the Gehenna very seriously and fought for what he thought was right. However, during a battle all of the vampires except for Alex separated and went in different directions. He was powerless to do anything as his own friendship with them combined with the blood bond prevented him from saying anything. They may all be dead at this point, or may be in the camarilla. If they are then they are now his enemy.

First Sabbat years

His next few years in the Sabbat were very prosperous. As the war died down and his devotion for the Sabbat rose, he was invited to be a foot soldier in a Black Hand mission. This was still grunt work but he took pride in the chance to further the Sabbat's influence. During the mission he was able to Diablerize a Camarilla vampire as a reward and increase his own generation. The vampires he was paired with would have received no benefit if they did the same. He made contacts through his old pack members as well and managed to find a small time arms dealer able to supply him with weapons and other military equipment.

He never lost his love for music. Any spare time he had was put towards training for combat or playing guitar. He spent years becoming the guitar player he is now, jealous of the success of bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden. He would perform solo for any vampires that asked him to, but felt awkward as vampires were being of ulterior motives. Those sort of actions just made him nervous.

Recent years

He seeked out some mortals who had some skill with musical instruments to for a band with. The grace with which he played guitar and the commanding voice with which he sang meant that they accepted him quickly. Eventually he revealed his vampire nature and gave the three of them 2 drinks of his vitae each, thralling them. They are fiercely loyal to him and will hide his vampire nature, convinced that he will make them all very rich someday. They have formed a band called Bullet For My Valentine, and have been signed to a Sabbat record label in the city. He feels he can only play small time venues this early as he doesn't want to leave the city, but he is in demand and has a comfortable life because of it. He also has the stage name 'Matthew Tuck' to hide his real name from the public. He also gets more requests to play at some vampire functions, though he refuses his band mates to be touched by the other vampires.

His love for the Sabbat has never wavered either. He has taken himself along a path most suited to his way of thinking, and will follow any instruction given to him by a superior for the good of the Sabbat. He trains tirelessly to better himself and refuses to betray any clan. Even lying is something he loathes to do. He is a true Sabbat Knight. He doesn't talk about his past too much, as a vampire needs to have his secrets.

Recent Month

Through the record company, he has released an new EP and video for Hand Of Blood. It has shown acceptable sales through New Orleans, but few through other states. This is likely due to the fact that he never tours too far from home. In a recent pack battle, one of the opponents was a vampire from his old band. Off the scene he fought the vampire away from everyone else and killed him. He took his weapon, a .44 Taurus Revolver, and decided to make it his own.

Pack knowledge of his background

He will seldom talk about anything to do with his embrace to the pack, other than during his embrace he killed a camarilla vampire. Everything after that will be open knowledge including old pack members and old missions. But he will not talk about his creation rite and though it is known, will not make a point of bringing up his black hand membership. He will also NOT have mentioned the fight against his friend at this point. However signs that he has a highly customized pistol may trigger suspicion.


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