Avatar Industries

In the year 2023, a majority proportion of the earth's population, stagnating as it was, were hooked on one thing and one thing only - computer games. Fighting games, dating sims, MMOs, racing games - the addiction grew so high that the real thing became forgotten in places. On September 12th, known thereafter as E-Day, the userbase pulled a coup - simultaneously gaining majority stakes in every major software house. Finally, the phrase "By Gamers, For Gamers" was finally true.

Of course, all things change - and before long, cries of stagnacy in the industry rose up again - this time, to be met by calls of "STFU Noob" from company heads - and as humanity is wont to do, warfare was the first solution. However, this time it was regulated warfare, confined to Saturn's fifth moon, Tethys. Rules were drawn up, leagues were formed, and the solar system's first gamesmastered war began. The Positron wars, as they became known, were fought on many levels - technological, mechanical and simulatory. The winners, a supergroup of gamers and designers, were known as Avatar.

Avatar Industries were formed from the resultant treaties, and instantly flourished. The company hired the latest and greatest designers, programmers and mechanics, and, for a lack of anything else to do, moved ahead to the field of robotics. Soon, small-scale robot 'wars' could be found in most cities - and with the rise of Mekam, Avatar caught on very quickly. Some say too quickly, and allude to industrial espionage, but Avatar still deny this, even to this day.

Nowadays, Avatar creates the majority of all entertainment in the solar system. They subsidise Himalia (A moon of Jupiter, also known as Dismeyworld - they have not as yet managed to get control), but make their base around Saturn, on the moon of Rhea. The company has since branched out into TV and music, hence their connection with the much-renowned Rock guitarist turned mech pilot, Jakk Hammer - the TV connection is not going too well so far though, having being stumped by HorizonTV…


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