The year is 2210, and giant human-shaped war machines finally walk the earth.
The First Mecha was produced over 50 years ago by Mekam Inc. a subsidy of the US Military (there was a certain degree of arms-race beforehand, but it was quickly discovered that America, Australia and the middle-east actually had the necessary space, the project was titled “Mechanical Man” and the fruit of their labour was the 20 foot, 6 legged juggernaut they called “Manny”.

Manny was a disaster. Immediately shipped out to the middle-east in an attempt to quell a large uprising, the death-toll was horrific – while Manny was found to be highly affective against vehicles, against human-sized targets it floundered, unable to aim with enough precision or move fast enough to track them.
On top of this, collateral damage was immense – the city it supposed to be controlling was nothing but a smouldering ruin, crushed underfoot.
The Mechanical Man project was deemed “impractical” and Manny was deactivated.
This decision was not one that went down well with Mekam, who had invested their entire company into Mecha creation – three more Mannys were already part-developed in their complex – a sprawling factory-city in Texas. They’d spent their entire lives on the Mechanical Man project, and were now facing bankruptcy and ruin. When HorizonTV contacted them, they signed almost immediately.

The Entertainment Sector of 2160 was one of the largest powers in the world, and HorizonTV the biggest company of them all. They had funds that governments could only dream of, but ratings-wars were fierce, and HorizonTV needed a new gimmick. They had the space (eventually building arenas in the large, empty places of the world), and they had the money and working with Mekam, they created something that no other channel would ever be able to top: Giant Robots With Guns – live gladiatorial Mecha battles.

50 years has passed since then, and Mechas have become a sign of wealth and power – a company who can afford to build a Mecha to fight in the tournaments and for those who do well, a fortune can be made – sponsorships and prize money (along with fan support – analyst suggest the true end to the Coak/Pepso rivalry came the day PepsoBot won the Manny Cup).
HorizonTV is going strong, having eventually dropped all other programming in exchange for Mecha tournaments, but Mekam almost fell – disagreement over the direction of Mecha development within the company led to it splitting into 7 different companies, all of whom share Mekam City (naturally, this delights HorizonTV as it adds an entire extra level of intrigue to the matches).

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