The Devil's Tongue Pack

Name Carl Gunter
Role Archbishop
Lineage Ashlee's Sire
Clan ??? (possibly Ventrue)
Generation ??? (possibly 8th, maybe 7th)
Disciplines Dominate
Notes Very Likely Ventrue.

Name Elgar Grimaldi
Role Priest
Lineage Nectar's Sire
Clan Tzimisce
Generation ???
Disciplines Vicissitude(?), Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude (and either Auspex or Animalism, possibly)
Notes Another ghoul family like Zantosa. Seems to be hiding something. Not brilliant with Vicissitude.

Name Nectar
Role ???
Lineage Elgar's childe
Clan Tzimisce
Generation Elgar +1
Disciplines Vicissitude, and I suspect Animalism
Notes Young and childlike. Also a garden. Has a revenant family of cats.

Name Arthur Campbell
Role Templar?
Lineage ???
Clan Nosferatu
Generation ???
Disciplines ???
Notes Claims to be on the Path of Nocturnal Redemption.

Name Ashlee Nagler
Lineage Carl's childe
Role ???
Clan Same as Carl Gunter (Ventrue?)
Generation Carl +1 (8th or 9th?)
Disciplines ???

The pack has a large Haven with an extensive library.

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