Name: Devlin Cross
Age: 29
Height: 5’9
Weight: 76Kg


Devlin was born in the town of Antonito, CO on May 5th 1979. His other sibling was a younger brother and his father was almost non-existent in his childhood. He had memories of a man stumbling in through the front door covered in blood and seeking shelter, someone his mother said was his father who had a tough job. His mother was the figure of focus in the family. Devin was a child who had regular mood swings, never quite finding balance when a situation became emotionally charged. He would get bullied at school for back-talking bullies, or sent home for fighting back. But whenever a problem was obviously caused by his rage, his mother would never scold him. She would just hold him as tightly as she could and cry. After the age of 14, he never saw his father.

He was always a strong willed person. He rarely relied on everyone, and his only friend was a child that felt that he could look up to such an independent person. But as soon as trouble started, Devlin found himself by himself. Wrongs needed to be righted and he couldn’t let bullies and cheats go unopposed. He enjoyed time with animals, making friends with a stray dog that seemed to refuse to go near other people. The bond between them was almost unshakable. Tariq would be standing outside school everyday waiting for him.

The Change

On October 25th 1998 he was walking around town with his pet after a date with a high school sweetheart when he saw a wild wolf appear from a shadow of the park. Tariq tried to protect him from the wolf but was easily put down by the wolf, snapping its jaws shut on his neck. Devlin began to run and got a glimpse back at the pursuing wolf. It almost seemed to be mocking him, letting him get just out of its field of view before getting close enough to bite him. He ran to the borders of the town and fell on the ground. As the wolf leapt to kill him, another intercepted and knocked it to the side. Both squared off but Devlin just ran. He could hear howls and heavy footsteps where he left them but his heart was racing a mile a minutes and eventually, he collapsed.

When he awoke seconds later he was surrounded by bizarre creatures. Each of them had alien shapes, and yet, he knew what they meant. The ground was dark as though the only light was moonlight, but his body was as plain as day. He started to freak out and started running back to town, plagued by a crushing feeling of loneliness that felt like it was never quenched since he was born. He was pounced upon by the same creature that saved him, only now in Gauru form. He demanded to be free, shouting words from a mouth that he no longer recognised. His entire body was numbing but he clawed at the creature as though his life depended on it. The creature punched him in the face hard enough to knock him out cold with enough force to potentially kill any other man.


He was taken to a room where there were several men standing around him. They claimed to know his father, and were there at his death. They explained to Devlin that he was a werewolf and somehow, everything they told him fit perfectly. The group told him to stay away from people and in time he would know what he had to do. They taught Devlin the basics to survive and an understanding of the spirit realm. It was the dying wish of his father. With the basic training he was given he was told to pick a direction and run. A group known as the pure were converging around that region, and would be after him. His mother never saw him after the change, but every time he saw her from across the gauntlet, she didn’t seem to be sad, as though she knew this was going to happen.

Old Pack

He stopped at the city of Laguna in New Mexico and decided to stay. He found a wolf pack willing to take him in. This way he wouldn’t be with a pack that would treat him differently because of his father. Aware that he was currently a Ghost Wolf, the pack promptly got him to change his mind of be forced out of the territory. He worked well in the pack as a mediator, displaying an ability to disarm the other werewolves, potentially through nothing other than ignorance of what a werewolf considers important or worth defending pride over. The Bone Shadows seemed to be the best choice available to him.

A meeting was arranged with the local Bone Shadows who decided to give him a test. They used the test of Diplomacy, taking him a day away into the spirit world and leaving him there to find his way back. Alone and unable to see he was mocked by the spirits that saw him, most of whom wished him harm but were unwilling to perform it. After hours of wandering and pleading to the spirits, one answered his call. He asked what Devlin would do for safe passage home and he struck a deal, willing to provide as much essence to the spirit as he could as soon as he was returned. The spirit was dubious about this deal but agreed to return him anyway. He guided him for a day until he was returned safely home.

Upon arrival, the pack mates were surprised. He removed his blindfold and the spirit that guided him back was that of a snake. Known to twist words and turn at the last moment, the snake had guided him back safely but wanted his reward. He was to be made a Bone Shadow but had no reward, as the other pack members refused to give him all the available essence. Devlin had no choice but to sacrifice himself by giving all the essence in his body as payment and a sign of respect. He passed out into a coma-like state but was returned soon after by the Bone Shadow members. They were even more surprised at how far he was willing to go to hold up a deal with a spirit and that someone with that much Honour would be a welcome addition to the tribe. The snake stuck with him, named Ivalice, and acted as a personal guide that would stay with him to this day.

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