Local Name Ferill
Language: Feh
The most powerful nation within Isaz, Ferill is a temperate land with large tracks of arable land. Large farming communities and mining colonies exist, and a great deal of trade between the other countries have left Fehu as cosmopolitan, educated and culturally powerful. Fehan live in all nations of Isaz (generally excluding Ligumm), and their language is spoken everywhere. Currently, concern is rising over Ligumm's dominance in the Far Shore, though still considered rumour by many, it may give the county the boost in power it needs to conquer their lands.

The largest continent and dominant power of Uruz, Ferill sits comfortably the the centre of Uruz. It’s lands are fertile and arable, and livestock is easy to support.
Ferill is the urban heart of Uruz – there are more cities in Ferill than there are in all other nations combined, and the three largest cities are all within its borders. This does not make Ferill entirely safe however – the vast population means far more who might make deals with the Underworld (which is as cosmopolitan as the surface), and vast city population means the villages outside are often left to fend for themselves - in some places entire villages have fallen to the dark.
Ferill is a trade hub – almost all trade routes pass through it’s land, and it’s capital city is renown for it’s vast markets, it’s people are cultured and knowledgable – within the cities is a vast merchant population, who have the time and money to dedicate to luxury. Architects and Painters make fortunes, and writers and musicians flock the streets, Ferill is on the cutting edge of fashion and culture, scientifically it falls third behind Beshilu and Sah’Weyo, due to it’s prior import of Beshilu technology. It is quickly catching up however.
On the other side however, criminal factions flock to the cities too, organised crime is rife and in the less policed areas, crime is an ever-present risk – vast areas of cities are little more than slums.
The people of Ferill are proud – even those who barely live off the street believe that it is worth it, to live in such a city, other countries dread their interest, as while it brings money and support, it invariably means making considerations to their way of life (and putting up with the advisors smug distain).

Outside the cities, life carries on as it has done for millennia – small villages work fields to produce enough food to feed themselves, selling the excess on to nearby towns. Some still feud will nearby Underraces, holding them back as best they can, while waiting for their requests for help to be processed. The Ferill war-machine is powerful, but slow to bring to bear.

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