Eight, according to Cassy (under Dominate)

Name Anthony Giovanni
Role Leader and organiser
Lineage Sire of Clare, Michael, the late Ralph and presumably Aaron.
Generation ???
Disciplines ???
Notes Old school Mafia, wants to have it with Cassie (which he won't get to do now, unless he has a pile of ash fetish). Priority Target #1.

Name Estelle Giovanni
Role ???
Lineage ???
Generation ??? Old
Disciplines ???
Notes Older than Antony. Probably 7th Gen. Priority Target #0.

Name Clare Dunrisn
Role Face of the operation.
Lineage Anthony's childe
Generation ???
Disciplines ???
Notes Priority Target #2.

Name Aaron Dunrisn
Role Seems to deal with other Kindred.
Lineage Cassie's Sire, presumably Anthony's childe
Generation 9th
Disciplines ???
Notes Have a contact number to a blown up building

Name Raphael Giovanni
Role Muscle
Lineage ???
Generation 11th possibly, if not 10th
Disciplines ???

Name Michael Giovanni
Role ???
Lineage ???
Generation ???
Disciplines ???
Notes Brother of Cassie. Likes football, not singing, this is vital information gathered by our valued Ductus.

There's a Dunrisn line and a Giovanni line. There's links to organised crime and smuggling.


Name Ralph Dunrisn
Role Probably handled shipping and smuggling
Lineage Anthony's childe
Generation 11th probably
Disciplines Potence, Dominate and Fortitude.
Method of death Lost his head to Luis and almost certainly dead.
Notes Known hangouts.

Name Cassie Giovanni
Role Setite and other Bait
Lineage Aaron's childe, relatively young.
Generation 10th
Disciplines Potence, Dominate, Fortitude
Method of death Captured by the pack and diablerised in haste by Luis.
Notes Known hangouts (downtown clubs, see locations) and residence. Has a fake blog. Complete prude.

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