One of the most unusual parts of early space travel was a discovery made on approach of Jupiter - A large, black obelisk was discovered orbiting the planet. This artefact was quickly collected by then-interplanetary-travel-giants Reach for study and examination.

The item was claimed to be of Alien Manufacture – exactly 9:4:1 and larger than a man in all directions, made of a cold black and completely featureless material which was possibly stone and possibly metal. Reach scientists claim it to be over 3 million years old. The next fifty years was dedicated to unlocking the mystery of the obelisk but despite half a century of study from the System’s top scientists, nothing was found. Then, on the 50th anniversary of its discovery, a single finger-tip sized red rhinestone appeared.

The stone was compressed, and the obelisk opened. Inside they found a man in some form of Cryogenic Chamber. The technology was reverse engineered, and led to huge technological leaps forward from Reach. The man was revived, and claimed to be Elvis Aaron Presley.

Mr. Presley claimed to have no memory of how he has become frozen, or how he’d come to develop his now famous technological knowledge and business acumen. After several years of intense tests, it was discovered that Mr. Presley was who he claimed to be, that he was entirely human, and that he had not aged a day since he had been found, and was exactly 28 years old.
Free to do as he wished, Mr. Presley quickly entered into a landmark legal battle with his descendants over the rights too all his belongings, plus anything gained from the sale of them, he won and quickly found himself one of the most influential people on the planet – his descendants having wisely invested his earnings into thousands of businesses and companies, Mr. Presley found himself in control of several smaller ones, and as an important shareholder in several larger ones.
He then returned to Reach, and asked to speak to the Board of Directors. They agreed and started a meeting that lasted over 90 hours. During those 90 hours, no-one left the room and no-one entered, but once it finished it was announced that they were handing control of the company over to Mr. Presley. To this day it is unknown what they talked about over this 90 hours, or what they were offered in exchange for the company as all present refuse to speak on it, and all surveillance was destroyed. Over the next week, three of the ten present were found dead, in all three cases the coroner ruled ‘Suicide’.

Mr. Presley relocated Reach to Iapetus (and renamed both to Graceland), and merged his other companies into it, devoting their full power to deciphering the technology from The Obelisk. While progress is slow, when Graceland does release something it has repercussions that affect the entire system, its research is supplemented by occasional, limited releases of products and vehicles – always the highest quality and the most advanced design on the market, these items sell of vast amounts, and are a sign of true success and wealth. They're always incredibly ornate - often learning towards the rounded Chrome of 1950's American Vehicles
Graceland is split into two large parts, the primary section is dedicated to research and is closed off to all outside influences, and the second half is a tourist’s paradise, and shrine to Elvis, both past and present. Mr. Presley still takes an active roll in the activities of both his company and the other companies he is involved in, and does not appear to have aged or sickened in the slightest.

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