House Rules

Okay. Here are a few things I'm going to be doing to the game to make things a bit more fluid.

1. Reknown - You can still pay for reknown with XP if you so wish. Each session I'll be looking at the actions your character has been performing and will give you some XP to go towards a specific type of Reknown (as determined by your actions). If you are chasing an enemy alone in Dalu form and he runs into a crowded shopping centre, not following him will result in some Purity points. You may have gotten the kill without people seeing him, but you were willing to uphold the Oath of the Moon. I'll keep a hard copy of how many free reknown points you have in case you rub them out accidentally.

2. Lunes - Lunes are the spirits of Mother Luna. They are powerful, and I mean powerful. Considering the woship that the moon gets from mortals (like hippies), let alone werewolves, these are strong spirits and not as common as their lesser cousins. Glimmerings will be a little more common. They'll be around the city as representatives whereas the auspice-specific lunes will be doing things specifically for Mother Luna. Packs that got an auspice Lune as a totem were seriously lucky or powerful enough before they went insane. Lunes are the only things able to perform the Rite of the Spirit Brand. Therefore you'll need to track down a Glimmering, or perform Call Gaffling to get a Glimmering. Please note, however, that Glimmerings are not strong enough to have an identity outside of the current Phase like the Auspice Lunes. As a result, Glimmerings will act according to the current Phase in motives and motions and can only grant you a brand if it is your moon Phase. They need to know that you are truly deserving of the brand and need to see things from your point of view to judge accordingly.

3. Experience Points - Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I shouldn't touch it. Well, tough! I'll be following the NWoD guidelines. I hope to actually find a day a week that the game can happen on, so the XP will be about 3 per session. One automatic, one roleplaying (Yeah, you heard me), and one for learning. The major change will be that the learning curve will be preset to a point. If your character did a whole lot of shooting in the game, that third point will go towards Firearms or Dexterity (depending what you'd prefer). But you can simply say during the game "My character is going to research lore", and feel free to stick that point into occult. I find it silly to ask people "What did your character learn" as the book says because as long as they actually woke up that session then they'll learn something. A fourth point can still be gained through heroism or being in a pivotal place. Such as a single character leaving the territory to ask the neigboring pack what they noticed about the Maggath that has wandered into your territory, and piecing together a strategy while the others engage said spirit.

You know what? I lied! This doesn't streamline things. It adds loose Xp asigned to certain skills. But it's the way I'd prefer to do things rather than have a character spend all his time shooting stuff, but then gets dots in Weaponry or Medicine or Animal Ken.

3. Craft Craft will represent how good you are with seeing how things work, not how you build them. Having 3 dots in crafts will allow you to see how things work, so you can unjam a gun or opperate machinery. If you want to build something sophisticated like a computer or a gun you will need to fork out on a specialty (Showing how you applied your knowledge to that exact type of item). I'd be happy to let you put your bonus XP towards this (Specialty in Craft: Firearms rather than Firearms)

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