Hundred Kingdoms

Local Name: Varies from state to state
Language: Feh
The Hundred Kingdoms is now pretty much two small countries. Belishu is northernmost. Originally run by the Tzar and his royal family, they were powerful and expansionist, aided by their knowledge of advanced Clockwork, and conquered many of the nearby countries. The Tzar had an alliance with Ferill, which has fallen into ueneasy peace since the uprising – a number of his Bakar (elite heroes and nobility) rose up against him, their five leaders eventually claiming the throne for themselves. Since then the power has shifted – one of their number (a clockwork Automaton) has taken the lead, with the other four acting as advisors. Their expansion has stopped, and work is being focused on rebuilding the nation and improving the standard of life for the general population. It’s borders are currently closed, and very little Clockwork is traded to the other nations – the bulk being from the slow trickle of refugees.
Unfortunately, things aren’t quite so neat. The Automaton is faulty, it’s primary aim is to destroy everything built by the Tzar, and to rebuild in it’s place. As it’s cheaper to destroy than rebuild, a lot of the nation is in ruin – the bulk of the replacements have been done by people with the money to rebuild what they’ve lost, while the poor make by with what they can. Complaints against this are viewed as Tzarist Support and violently punished. Some Belishi travel the rest of the nation spreading information, gathering resources, or simply trying to escape. An underground resistance based around the surviving Tzar’s family is rumoured to exist, and many look to build support with the other kingdoms.

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