The IoCom group is a Megacorporation that holds sovereign power over several of the moons of Jupiter. Based in the Northram Colony on Ganymede, it is among the wealthiest of megacorporations ranking fourth in the Fortuna 500 Business Survey.

Being among the first company to take its business into space it has claims over several of the nicer Jovian Moons. Its undisputed ownership of those moons has given it the independence to practice its own form of corporate government. And though of late this government has been through scandal after scandal due to forced labour camps, human rights abuses and two separate insurrections, the company still maintains absolute autonomy over its Jovian territories. Several notable embargos have been attempted on IoCom, all of which have failed.

While North-Wan Finance is the parent company of the IoCom group, IoCom is used as a name due to the greater recognition of the IoCom name. It breaks its operating structure down into nine segments (In order of size) – Finance, Marketing, Mining, Electronics, Govrernmental, Broadcasting, Entertainment, Food and Other.

Iocom's current CEO and President, Jonas Marrik has done a lot to improve the companies image and move away from the autocratic IoCom image held during the Io Insurrections. To this end he has put the Head of Public Relations, Thomas Lennkamp to assemble a Mech Team from employees within the company. Lennkamp selected an up and coming executive, Xavier Kerensky, to represent the company as the pilot of the companies first Mech, Blood Sin.

Mechs fielded by Iocom:

Blood Sin
Unquiet Dead

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