Local Name: Isaz, Steppe (Icewalker)
Language: Isa, Icewalker
Home of the urban Isi and the nomadic Icewalker Tribes. The two factions have warred against each other for centuries in raids and retaliatory strikes. Over time, a degree of integration has occurred (as the Icewalkers slowly adopted new types of technology and grew more settled) but the rivalry is still strong, and violence not unusual. Isi live in large, semi-underground coastal cities, while Icewalkers tend to live in mobile houses, or in settlements along major migration routes. Isi cities are like Keeps, Icewalker cities are built along a road.
Isaz weapons tend towards being large and heavy - thin blades tend to snap in the cold. Short bows are seen but Long bows are rare, as generally the snow's too heavy for distance to be a factor. Shields are common.

Capital Gebo

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