Regarded as the last point of Civilization, the collected moons of Jupiter are home to most trades, businesses and people, between Resort Moons (offering R&R to the miners of Ceres) to Industrial Moons (Producing anything and everything) to Settled Moons (ranging from moon-wide slums to Palatial Estates). While everything here pales in comparison to that of The Near Planets, there’s freedom to be found here that can’t there.

GANYMEDE (Moon): Ganymede is a settled world owned entirely by Iocom. It is here Iocom makes its headquarters and the government of the world is that of the corporation. The population of this metropolis is entirely Iocom staff. Despite being one of the first settled moons, Ganymede is still one of the finer off-world colonies, mostly consisting of upscale housing and entertainment. Visitors to the moon are not unwelcome but few visit here more than once unless they have business with the company.

CALLISTO (Moon):Callisto has long been considered the best platform for mankind's exploration of both the Jovian planetary system and the outer solar system as a whole, and it is only by extreme fortune that Teriha BM^2C managed to claim even part of it for their own. Teriha's public headquarters are based in the center of the Valhalla multi-ring impact crater, a tower made of obsidian blocks, nicknamed the Black Mountain. The view of the crater itself are spectacular, and are unspoilt by buildings, most of Teriha BM^2C's production facilities being beneath the surface, in a series of interconnecting tunnels. The rest of the moon is free for anyone else to claim

IO (Moon): Bought by Iocom early in the age of inter-planetary space travel, it is one of the earliest and more prominent Industrial Worlds within the Solar System. It produces many of the raw and refined materials used in Iocom’s products; those it cannot produce are generally mined within the Asteroid Belt and shipped here for smelting. The moon is both an Industrial Complex and a mineral resource. It is unusual in Industry for using much of the natural geography of the moon to aid in the Industrial Process. Both the extreme Tidal Forces and the constant Seismic activity are used to greatly enhance the smelting, refining and production of both metals and silicates. Io has also been at the forefront of many of the controversies and scandals that have plagued Iocom’s corporate history.

EUROPA (Moon): Iocom operates a large fishery and small water bottling plant on the northern pole. Much of the rest of the moon is owned by Netara Nanotronics where they utilise it for both production facilities and top secret projects. Last month communications were lost for several days and nobody seems to know what happened. Once communication was restored the CEO of Netara Nanotronics claimed it was just an anomalous EMP, but since then productions at Iocom's fishery and water bottling plant have been sky-rocketing.

AMALTHEA (Tiny Moon): Amalthea is a moon of palatial estates. Most exist simply to occasionally take in the spectacle of the rise of Jupiter in the mornings. It is a planet of exceptional beauty, one that few people can afford. Many executives have their homes here from companies such as Iocom, the S-G Foundation and xxxx.

HIMALIA (Tiny Moon): Dismeyworld: The happiest place on Jupiter. Dismey are so powerful there's a good chance they own your soul.

THEBE (Tiny Moon): A small Industrial Moon controlled by Iocom. It refines the materials brought in by small Iocom ships designed to mine the rings and upper atmosphere of Jupiter for rare elements. Most of the refined material is then shipped out to Ganymede or Io for processing.

ELARA (Tiny Moon):
PASIPHAË (Tiny Moon):

METIS (Tiny Moon): Owned by Netara Nanotronics. Reports of flashes sighted that seem to be weapons fire have been recorded, but no further information is available.

SINOPE (Tiny Moon):
LYSITHEA (Tiny Moon):
ANANKE (Tiny Moon):
LEDA (Tiny Moon):
ADRASTEA (Tiny Moon):

EURYDOME (Tiny Moon): Eurydome is one of the two tiny moons owned by Iocom and perhaps the company’s most important investment and one that Iocom guards most jealously. This is because Eurydome, being one of the furthest moons out, is used as both media broadcasting and signal amplification/relay station, which allows them to broadcast to the entirety of the Jupiter orbital system, as well as relay and amplify media signals out to the other Distant Planets. Iocom is willing to relay any company’s broadcasts alongside its own for a modest price. Eurydome also houses several small industrial plants for making delicate electronics and a Iocom Security Force training facility based here.

CARPO (Tiny Moon):
PRAXIDIDE (Tiny Moon):
IOCASTE (Tiny Moon):
HARPALYKE (Tiny Moon):
THYONE (Tiny Moon):
EUANTHE (Tiny Moon):
EUPORIE (Tiny Moon):
EUKALADE (Tiny Moon):
CHALDENE (Tiny Moon):
ISONOE (Tiny Moon):
KALYKE (Tiny Moon):
ERINOME (Tiny Moon):
AITNE (Tiny Moon):
KALE (Tiny Moon):
PASOTHEE (Tiny Moon):
MAGACLITE (Tiny Moon):
AUTONOE (Tiny Moon):
SPONDE (Tiny Moon):
OTHER MOONS (Tiny Moon):

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