Kiss of Thorns

"The symphony must be like the world, embracing everything."
- Gustav Mahler, in a letter to Jean Sibelius.

Name: The Kiss of Thorns
Clan: Zantosa Toreador
Sire: Information not for you.
Disciplines: Vicissitude, Auspex, Presence, Celerity

Sex: Varies, mostly male.
Apparent age: Varies, generally early pubescent.
D.O.B: Why do you need to know?
R.I.P: You ask so many questions.

Eyes: Varies, generally a glittering emerald or sapphire. Sometimes, appears as if possessing aniridia.
Hair: Varies, generally shoulder-length black to light brown hair, wavy.
Height: Varies often, around 5'8''


You need know little. I am trained well in the performing of the rites of our people, I was raised to be a strategist and know the ins and outs of insightful planning as well as the gentle art of swaying the soul to my whims. I also offer my services as a moral advisor to the pack: should you have need of ethical counsel as regards how our kind are to act, how to correctly guide our powers in the loving world of sense.

I make one request alone: as Pack Priest, bring me no kine of physical beauty to be used in rites of blood letting. However, bring them to me, by all means, I just have far better uses for them and beauty is such a terrible thing to waste. Believe you me, they all learn to enjoy the fruits I have to share, vampire or kine.


Kiss of Thorns often appears male, sometimes female and occasionally an androgynous form. In fact, Kiss of Thorns enjoys changing his appearance often and his command of his art allows him to do so at a mere whim. One universal aspect is that Thorns always appears as a sensual and near inhumanly beautiful figure. He dresses, as often as he can, in the finest clothes designed to show off the lithe outline of his form.

In male form, his body is normally athletic and androgynous, with a slight frame, he appears a youth of about 14 or 15 years. The face is slim with high cheekbones and gentle turquoise eyes that gleam darkly. Wavy hair as black as a starless night sky flows down past his shoulders and sways around his slender hips. His porcelain skin is devoid of all blemishes and it shimmers softly in light. All this combines to create a elfin appearance that draws others attentions immediately, he stands out midst kindred or kine.

Sometimes, Kiss of Thorns appears in a female form. In this form, she usually appears slightly older, perhaps mid-twenties but equally stunning. The form of androgyny changes to one of femininity. Hair remains long but turns golden and curly. The eyes remain gentle and bright, but turn into a more subtle hazel and the skin acquires a deeper tone, acquiring a light-tan colouration. The face alters subtly to acquire more feminine features, but in this form, the elfin beauty remains present.

Finally, Kiss of Thorns has been noted as appearing in a truly androgynous form. In this form, it remains extremely beautiful. None the less, the beauty changes from the faelike and otherworldy to the truly alien. Its eyes often appear as a glittering, dark red with no pupils or whites. It is sometimes noted that it fire dances in this form, though that is rare. Unlike the other forms, it generally wears no clothes in this form and bears strange swirls and patterns all over its body, they are always symmetrical and sometimes move and swirl as it does.

In any of these forms, it is common to see a variety of variants and changes. Thorns occasionally appears as a more adult form of his youthful, male self but prefers to use his youth to encourage the vice of pederasty amongst his countless lovers.

Beyond all this, there is his war form. His zulo appears spider-esque, several maws appear on his chest and torso to feed on the unfortunates he faces and the sounds of chitinous chittering can often be heard should he so choose to terrify his victims. His numerous eyes, bulbous and black, seem lifeless except for the sense that behind them something truly dark is watching.

Finally, he enjoys wearing his countless bonecrafted Venetian masks. These come in countless forms and there are some that move, that contain mixtures of plant and animal matter or are based on more classic designs. He generally crafts these onto his face when he wears them, speaking and feeding from mouths on his hands or chest.

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