The following is a list of the major Lodges, all taken from Lodges: The Faithfull (The Splintered was mostly location-specific, so pretty pointless). In theory it's possible to join a lodge of a different tribe, but this depends on the lodge (as is liable to be much harder). There's generally initiation and that.

If there's one you like the look of, and you don't have the book, give me a shout and I'll let you take a gander, they're done like this to give people a vague summary, and make it easier to find the relevant ones (the book lists lodges in alphabetical order, meaning finding all the lodges for one tribe is a pain)

Iron Masters
Lodge of Arms (pg 31)
Prerequisites: Occult 2, Firearms or Weaponry 2
Totem: The Coveter
Benefit: +3 when using your weapon, treat your skill as 1 higher when using similar
A lodge dedicated to the creation of, care for, and expertise with a single personal weapon

Lodge of Lightning (pg 64)
Prerequisites: Cunning 2, Wits 3
Totem: Lightning
Benefit: +1 Stamina to remain standing, Weather gifts as tribal
A lodge dedicated to perserverence and success regardless of the odds

Lodge of Metal (pg 71)
Prerequisites: Craft 3, Investigation 2, Wits 3
Totem: Fierce Iron
Benefits: +3 dice in craft rolls, +2 when bribing spirits with things made personally
A lodge dedicated to the creation and invention of items or equipment

Lodge of Scrolls (pg 89)
Prerequisites: Intelligence 3, Academics 2, Investigation 3
Totem: None
Benfits: +2 to Investigation and Research, all mental skills cost new dots x2
A lodge dedicated to finding, learning and transcribing the otherwise oral lore of the Forsaken

Lodge of Stone (pg 95)
Prerequisites: Occult 3, Manipulation 3, Empathy 2
Totem: None
Benefits: Man+Occ to contact the local City spirit and +3 to social rolls with it, +2 to building-related spirits
A lodge dedicated to the veneration and positive relationship to the local City Spirit

Hunters in Darkness
Lodge of Ashes (pg 34)
Prerequisites: Harmony 8+, Rite of Contrition, Primal Urge 3, Purity 5
Totem: None (tend to Really revere Black Wolf)
Benefit: Chain-Breaker merit (frees spirits from Fetters), good reputation with spirits
A lodge dedicated to living life without binding or enslaving Spirits

Lodge of Harmony (pg 61)
Prerequisites: Harmony 7+, Purity 3, Wisdom 1
Totem: Rooting Boar
Benefit: Warding gifts as tribal, access to unique rites
A lodge dedicated to purifying, cleaning and redeeming sullied and corrupted territories

Lodge of Ruin (pg 82)
Prerequisites: Craft, Computer or Drive 2, Cunning 2, Survivial 2
Totem: Coyote-Who-Howls
Benefit: learn Shaping gifts as Tribal, new dots x2 for Intimidation, Streetwise and Survival
A lodge dedicated to accepting destruction, death and entropy as natural and positive

Lodge of Seasons (pg 92)
Prerequisites: Purity 3
Totem: Changing Wind
Benefit: depending on chosen Season, gain +3 to social rolls with members during it:
Spring: learn Weather gifts as tribal, spirit flute grants +1 to Power Attributes for a scene
Summer: learn Rage gifts as tribal, spirit flute grants +1 to Resistance Attributes for a scene
Autumn: learn Insight gifts as tribal, spirit flute grants +1 to Finesse Attributes for a scene
Winter: learn Death gifts as tribal, spirit flute makes enemies take a -2 pain penalty from claw attacks
Drawback: extra activity causes Threshold roll, depending on season
A lodge dedicated to living in sync with and venerating a specific season

Lodge of Wrath (pg 115)
Prerequisites: Purity 2, Honour 2, Brawl or Weaponry 2, Survival 2
Totem: Shrike-Bloody-Beak
Benefit: Retribution gifts as Tribal
A lodge dedicated to the protection and defence of the territory against all trespassers

Blood Talons
Lodge of Cerberus (pg 38)
Prerequisites: Harmony 7+ Glory 2, Purity 2, Brawl or Weaponry 3+, Rituals 2+
Totem: Cerberus
Benefit: Rite 'Speak with the Guardian', can Death Gifts at Affinity prices, +1 to Rite of Fetish when creating Spirit Claws (+1 against spirits, -1 to fine manipulation)
A lodge dedicated to patrolling the borders between the living world and the dead

Lodge of Garm (pg 54)
Prerequisites: Harmony 6+, Glory 2, Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms 4
Totem: Garm
Benefit: A minor fetish (Mercy Gem), Brawl, Weaponry, Athletics and Persuasion at 2x new dots
A lodge dedicated to achieving perfection in battle and combat

Lodge of Night (Pg 74)
Prerequisites: Brawl or Weaponry 4, Glory 2, Willpower 7+
Totem: Khonsu (Lune)
Benefit: See perfectly in any light, +2 vision at night, may learn the Rite of the Ghost Howl, Brawl Occult and Athletics and new dots x2, for 1 Willpower, all foes loose 1 defence
Drawback: -1 to Harmony rolls made at night
A lodge dedicated to destroying unknown, unpredictable or otherwise alien threats

Lodge of Swords (pg 98)
Prerequisites: Resolve 3, Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms 3, Glory 2, Purity 2, Willpower 6+
Totem: Anka-Ur (totem of the Predator Kings!)
Benefit: Fetish - Packstone (sometimes also a Mercy Gem), Brawl Weaponry Intimidation and Persuasion at new dots x2
A lodge dedicated to encouraging personal missions or crusades that expand beyond one pack's territory

Lodge of Wendigo (pg 107)
Prerequisites: Glory 2,
Totem: Wendigo
Benefit: may purchase Rite of Blood's Revelation and Rite of Forbidden Flesh. Athletics Stealth and Survivial at new dots x2
A lodge dedicated to studying their foes, then striking from shadows when they're most vulnerable

Storm Lords
Lodge of Crows (pg 42)
Prerequisites: Cunning or Purity 4
Totem: Crow
Benefit: members look after their own, x2 new dots for Larceny, Stealth, Politics, Persuasion & Subterfuge
A secret lodge dedicated to power through subtlety and manipulation

Lodge of The Maelstrom (pg 67)
Prerequisites: Resolve 3, Athletics 2, Occult 1
Totem: the Old Man (bird spirit)
Benefit: +2 to perception at anything the sea touches, affinity with water-based spirits, Sea Speciality to Occult, extended network of contacts
A lodge dedicated to policing the shorelines and oceans from threats

Lodge of Salvation (pg 85)
Prerequisites: Honour 2, Purity 2, Harmony 6+
Totem: Brother Bones (ancestor spirit)
Benefit: Inspiration gifts as tribal, +2 resolve to resist gifts used by the Pure, +1 to resist Death Rage when wounded by the Pure
A lodge dedicated to converting and redeeming the Pure

Lodge of Thunder (pg 101)
Prerequisites: Presence 3, Strength or Stamina 3, Glory 2, Honour 2
Totem: the Duke of Thunder
Benefit: Inspiration and Strength as affinity gifts
A lodge dedicated to the ideal of the alpha being the one who merits the position the most

Lodge of Winter (pg 111)
Prerequisites: Resolve 2, Rituals 2, Wisdom 3
Totem: Grandfather Winter
Benefit: Insight gifts as affinity, learn a free Rite
A lodge dedicated to strength through wisdom and intelligence

Bone Shadows
Lodge of Death (pg 46)
Prerequisites: Honour 1, Wisdom 3, Occult 3 (speciaty in ghosts, death or similar)
Totem: Hithethal-Us (the Spirit of the Ashes of the Dead)
Benefit: know the time and events of your death, immune to supernatural fear, treat harmony as 2 higher against Death Rage
A lodge dedicated to the exploration and understanding of Death

Lodge of Doors (pg 50)
Prerequisites: Harmony 6+, Cunning 2, Larceny or Investigation 2
Totem: the Lurker in Doorways
Benefit: Access to the Opening Gift at Tribal prices
A lodge dedicated to discovery and questing for knowledge

Lodge of Harbingers (pg 58)
Prerequisites: Cunning or Wisdom 2+, Athletics 2, Stealth 2
Totem: White Hare
Benefit: Stealth gifts as Tribal, +3 to persuasion with other Uratha
A lodge dedicated to delivering omens and warning people of impending danger

Lodge of Prophecy (pg 78)
Prerequisites: Harmony 7+, Wisdom 4, Occult 4, know the Rites 'Bind Spirit' 'Call Gaffling' 'Call Jaggling' 'Wake the Spirit'
Totem: Blind Owl
Benefit: Knowledge gifts as tribal, -5 to cost of Omen Gazing gift, may purchase Profit's Voice merit
A lodge dedicated to understanding prophecy and determining the future

Lodge of Voices (pg 104)
Prerequisites: Merit (Language - First Tongue), Wisdom 2, Purity 1, Occult 2, Rituals 1
Totems: Hissu-Ur
Benefit: Academics speciality (Uratha History), may purchase the Ancestral Vessel merit
A lodge dedicated to contacting, understanding and learning from Ancestor Spirits

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