Name: Luis de Vivar
Clan: Lasombra
Generation: *Mutters something in Spanish*
Sire: Isabella Montega
Disciplines: Obtenebration, Dominate, Potence, Celerity

Sex: Male
Apparent age: Late 20's or Early 30's
D.O.B: 21 August 1911
R.I.P: 15th January 1941

Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Medium length, loose black hair. Occasionally tied back
Height: 5'11"



Until recently he looked pretty normal, using the Sabbat definition of the term. Kine had always reacted strangely to his presence but for a Cainite this is not unusual. Superficially he still resembles the Kine stock that surrounds him, even if his accent is still distinctly Castilian, not at all the norm for the Americas. He is graceful and each step he takes seems measured even when just casually striding around. Is somewhat good looking in a rugged sort of way, though duelling scars somewhat marr his facial features. His hair is normally scruffy and at a medium length, kept in a pnytail and his beard is always at 5 o'clock shadow. His features are noble and he is the olive colour of anyone born on the coast of the Mediterranean.

The only jewellery he ever sports is a simple silver cross that is either at his wrist or at his throat and a pair of half-moon old style spectacles which he uses for reading. He does however almost always carry his ornate silver hilted Toledo steel rapier. When out with the pack he wears brown leather coat, black t-shirt, jeans, combat boots and his sword belt. When dressed for more formal meetings he has a somewhat older style Armani suit and when dressed for combat he dons his old black and gold cavalryman's uniform, looking ever inch the officer he has been in life and undeath.

Since New York he has taken to wearing an old Soviet Army great coat instead of the leather jacket and tends to wear it over his old cavalry uniform when going into combat, carrying with him a bandolier full of knives and stakes.


His loyalty to the Sabbat is without question. He views himself as an officer in the front line against both the hated Camarilla and the Antediluvians. Despite definite Loyalist tendencies; in anything he considers a military matter he is compliant with the leadership of the Sabbat In anything other than that he believes he has the freedom to do as he believes. He tends to be a extremely cold person unless angered.

As a mortal he was well educated. As an Vampire he still thirsts for knowledge and that is why up until the most recent nights Locus Sanctus (now the Hollow Eye) was a scholarly pack. He has a particular specially in the occult and has been known to trade favours with Elders (of his clan) for particularly specialised knowledge. He is also a talented tactician.


Luis is a man of presence. It is a rare Kine that does not shiver in his presence, most cower in terror. Even some Kindred are known to fear him. But both because of and despite that he is a natural leader. He cares for the pack members under his leadership and will go to lengths to keep them alive unless they anger him. He tends to assume that those under his command both fear him and respect his in equal parts. He will go to the ends of the earth for them if they pull their weight and drop them if they don't. Recently though he appears to care less about the newer members of his pack perhaps distancing himself from the pain of their inevitable final deaths.

Unfortunately over the years Luis has become gruff and forgotten much of the social graces used in polite society or in dealing with people with much humanity. He is slowly coming to realise that he should try to recall some, to make dealing with younger pack members easier.


He is also known for a fair if vicious code of personal honour, never killing without a reason and never betraying his word. He is also known for being stubborn, easily angered and having shown an insane level of bravery. His bravery has turned the tide at some crucial battles but also may be to blame for the heavy casualties the pack has suffered in the past where other Cainites stood with him in battle long after they should have fled the flames.

He favours single combat, as rare as it is, but also loves plotting ambushes and other devious tactical manoeuvres. He is a master of the Spanish Circle (also called the Magic Circle) Style of duelling and relishes a chance to demonstrate it. Enough that the only weapons he always carries are a beautifully constructed rapier and a knife for parrying.

He is proud of his place in the Sabbat and proud of his bloodline. His humanity has worn away over the years and many have noted his code of honour is probably all that is restraining his beast. Recently even that has been fraying as his irritation in both being over looked for promotion, his weariness at loosing friends and his inability to connect with younger vampires wear away at even his limited ability to care.


He has always been exceedingly ominous to nearby Kine but these days his skin and surroundings are as cold as ice. His shadow seems darker than any other in the vicinity and it sucks all light towards itself even extinguishing small fires. This is a new development and annoys Kiss greatly as he needs to smoke away from Luis these days of the cigarette just goes out.


Luis tends to claim that he was sired by the esteemed Bishop Cabrer De Susza of Montreal in the 40’s. He has served the Sabbat with distinction at the Siege and Retaking of New York City and several operations he doesn't like to talk about.



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