A pastoral planet, many Martians work in the food-producing industry, creating and rearing goods to send to Earth. A large percentage of the population are ex-convicts, sent to Mars to reduce crowding on earth, they gained their freedom when threatening to stop shipping to Earth.
Despite its English-Countryside-like charm, organised crime is rampant here as smuggling enterprises to the distant planets and moons (where Real Meat is practically unknown) can produce an astronomical fortune.

PHOBOS (Moon): The poor-man’s answer to Mars, Phobos is responsible for the majority of factory-produced or genetically engineered meats. Food produced here is labelled “Phobos” then the variety (Phobos-Chicken, Phobos-Pork), as it comes from an animal that is legally distinct from the original variety. (Cube-Chicken or Vat-O-Pig are Stirling examples). Despite the hideously unnatural products produced on Phobos, it is often argued to be the most humane meat available, as their creatures are reared without nerve-endings or developed brains.

DEIMOS (Tiny Moon): Currently Quarantined: There have been no communications from Wolven Enterprises Inc. bases on the moon for several months, no one knows what happened or is happening there, all attempts to discover have met with failure.

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