Black Storm

Black Storm is a mid-sized, sleek mecha in vaguely humanoid form with a sloping 'nose'. It is painted obsidian black, with stylized silver lightning bolts along its flanks.
It's sleekness belies it's sheer viciousness at the hands of a capable pilot, though a careful observer will notice the relative dearth of armour plating.
An opponent who expects a ground battle will be surprised when the mecha lifts off into the air on a set of jump-jets, concealed in Black Storm's legs and lower torso. However, the jump jets can only provide a leap, and do not allow for full flight.
It's weapons comprise a laser, mounted on one shoulder, and a 30mm cannon carried as a human would carry a heavy rifle. The cannon fires 30mm non-fissionable ordanance, Teriha BM^2C's own twist on ammunition.

Black Storm is the brainchild of NvD, piloted (currently) by Mattias Gunnersson and owned by Teriha

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