Blood Sin

Blood Sin is the first mech owned by the IoCom Mega Corporation. It is currently sponsored by the Coak-Cola Corportation, most likely due to its' early success in the Arena. Blood Sin is piloted by Xavier Kerensky, head of the Iocom Mech Team.

Iocom originally tried to enter the Mech Fighting Leagues back in 2186, but was stopped during development by the Second Io Insurrection and the subsequent fall out. Driven to near bankruptcy the company shut down their mech program and sold off the pieces. After years become more financially stable the company was loath to invest in the mech business should another crisis arrive. Recently however, it was discovered that one of Iocom's major rivals, The S-G Foundation had decided to invest in the Mech Game.

So Iocom has decided to reattempt entering the Mech Games. To do this Iocom recruited one of their ambitious young executives, Xavier Kerensky, to head up the project. In nine short months of design and constant negotiation with the Mekam companies, he unveiled Blood Sin. Now he is the rising star of Iocom and with the mech's early wins in its first tournement rumours abound within the company. Kerensky is a man to know and soon enough he will be selecting more pilots for the other mechs already in development.

Blood Sin

Max Speed (KPH): 84
Max Height: 15.5 Meters
Weight: 75 Metric Tons
Weapons: Gauss Rifle, Medium Autocannon
Electronics: None
Jump Jets: Yes

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