IGG Mecha Mark 1 Codenamed: Daxo

The Netara Nanotronics's Invincible Gekizenmos Go Mecha Mk I (also called Daxo) is, unsurprisingly, black. Why black? Because its pilot is Genji, of course, and it has to look cool or he wouldn't get in it in the first place. Despite their other traits, the one thing all members of Invincible Gekizenmos Go have in common is their ability to connect seamlessly with the neural interface developed from technology absconded from Dimension X. The cockpit is filled with that pinky goo from The Matrix and webbed interfaces go on their heads plugging into their pitiful pubescent brain-meats despite their oversized hair-dos. Amazingly, whenever they come out of that icky stuff, they only look slimed for about a few seconds or so and afterwards their hair and clothing is perfect again, etc, etc. Naturally, this is something inherited from the fact that this pinky goo was discovered or possibly secreted by Genji in a dream whilst he was trapped in Dimension X thanks to the painfully predictable brain-fart of his so-called brother/friend/maybe even secret lover Osami which Tatsumi tried to exploit to become the new team leader and recruit her also "not evil" sister, Sahori, to the team, over which Kaori spent the entire time attracting stray dogs with her high-pitched incessant pining and whining over the loss of her unrequited beloved, which of course prompted Naoki to somewhat unimaginatively and clearly pointlessly prove her worth (yet again!) by rescuing him, which, of course, gave Sahori the motivation she needed to act in the exact same manner as her sister would have but be recognised as the villain of the week without anyone batting an eyelid of suspicion towards the one who brought her on board in the first place and was planning to betray them all along. (Or was she?)

Daxo is armed with some strange alien-looking plasma pistol style thing which makes strange noises when it fires and has lots of pointless glowy lights and tubes and stuff on it that make it look all alieny and Dimension X-esque. Oh, and because Genji is piloting it Daxo always looks cool. Always. Even if it gets beaten to an oil-dripping nuclear fuel reactor leaking pulp, it still looks like every mecha-fanboys wet dream.

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