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Feril: Vantar, thin coins, produced in the city of Vantarsi (others are made in other cities, but in no-where near the same numbers). Vantarsi work entirely the same as Gold Crowns

Izis: Geb, large thick coins with a high gold content (easy to grip with thick coins). Icewalkers predominantly trade with Barter. One Geb is worth two Gold Crowns.
Geb are soft enough to be cut, change is often given in Halves or Quarters of coins. Get is used for smaller purchases, and is split in the same way
2 Vantar = 1 Geb = 100 Get
1 Get = 4.8 Brass Pennies

Ligumm: Istila, thick ring-shaped coins, designed to be worn as jewelry. Larger sums are generally paid for with actualy jewellry. Traditionally smaller denominations weren't needed, as tribes didn't need to sell things to each other, and external purchases were big. Since towns have developed, a smaller denomination (Astim) has been developed for smaller purchases. They're treated as two entirely seperate currencies.
5 Vantar = 1 Istila = 600 Astim
1 Astim = 2 Brass Pennies

Hundred Kingdoms: Belishu uses the equivilent of Vantar, the southern state uses the equivilent of Sah'Weyo Money

Persh: Equiv of Vantar

Sah'Weyo (coin laced with ore from Coldstone - doesn't conduct heat as much):
1 Vantar = 4 Fulus = 200 Umla
1 Umla = 1.2 Pennies

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