Moonlight Sonata Game

Okay. Time to start sorting this crud out.

I've seen some back stories from people. If Justin could send me the one I read, I'll add that to my folder. Any other details you can give me on your characters would be helpful. Any supernatural or strange events while he/she was a werewolf. Or even anything pre-First change. Seeing someone with a face like a smudged painting that walked through a wall. Getting slashed by a spirit with a mark that still has not faded. Any troublesome spirit that your old pack didn't finish. In fact, details on your old pack would be great. And details on your transformations, such as do you become gaunt, huge, un-naturally long arms, markings on your fur. Just a quick few words on each of your forms will do wonders for me.

To sum things up, here are what I need from people before I'm sarting the game.

Pete - Your cold cases

Phil - Back story, a quick description of your forms and any supernatural stuff of note

Justin - Just need you to e-mail that back story you made and the other stuff I need from Phil

I'm gonna work on your territory :)

House Rules

Here are your characters. When you decide on a pack name, or meet the other packs, I'll add stuff.

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