Industry Heavy, Neptune’s moons are cold, desolate places. Reliant almost entirely on energy from Mercury, Neptune’s moons specialise in Mass Production and Mining, these moons often house only those people working at the moment, many of whom actually live on Saturn, and work in shifts. All Mekam companies own Moons around Neptune, mass producing Mechas and Vehicles for import into the other planets due to the amount of space for production and testing.

TRITON (Moon):The frozen moon of Triton is host to Teriha BM^2C's reasearch and development laboratories, and a small but significant number of mines. Currently their major project is an attempt to capture the energy produced by the ice vents, in the hopes of supplementing their energy supplies, or even removing the dependence on Mercurian batteries entirely. Unfortunately, while successful, the slow rate of energy gain is such that the project is not viable for major energy production. Teriha BM^2C is now attempting to can access or control of the rest of the vent network, in an attempt to increase production, but the company is reluctant to reveal their reasons, as they are afraid another company will take the idea. Consequently, they have so far been unsuccessful. The rest of the moon is available to anyone else who wants it

PROTEUS (Tiny Moon): Owned by DAWN

NEREID (Tiny Moon): Owned by CASTLE

LARISSA (Tiny Moon): Owned by TALON

GALATEA (Tiny Moon): Owned by GOLIATH

DESPINA (Tiny Moon): Owned by HAWK

THALASSA (Tiny Moon): Owned by TANK

HALIMEDE (Tiny Moon): Owned by WRAITH

NESO (Tiny Moon):
NAIAD (Tiny Moon):
SAO (Tiny Moon):
LAOMEDEIA (Tiny Moon):
PSAMATHE (Tiny Moon):

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