Netara Nanotronics

Note: The following information contains out-of-character knowledge for entertainment purposes only.

The pilots for the mechas submitted by this company are driven by a team of elite pilots, trained on the barren wastelands of some other techno-addled world accessible only through a dimensional portal currently under the control of their sponsors and employers the nefarious Netara Nanotronics who are, unsurprisingly, out for global and pan-dimensional domination. (Some say the shadowy Board of Directors may actually be creatures from another dimension or dimensions or planets or whatever, just not human!) They send the team of highly trained school children (let's say three girls and two boys, at least one of which is the obligatory bishi) with strange powers of their own, Invincible Gekizenmos Go, on training missions into "Dimension X" to retrieve eldrich technologies with which to advance their own hold on the vaguely-referenced and generally ill-defined market they control in the hopes that they might one day also dominate the Mecha market.

Netara Nanotronics are currently developing a number of mechas they hope to improve upon during the tournament, using this as an arena to field test the mechas which need to be pumped out faster than Netara Nanotronics are able to develop them (hence the need to outsource) because they have met a new adversary in Dimension X, a barely pronounceable tentacled demon called, rather clumsily, Voc-Fidudobo, who somewhat ironically slayed the "Invincible" Gekizenmos Go's beloved mentor and founder or something who they keep pining over in an attempt to inject some utterly unnecessary and overly-played pathos amongst the group and a point of unity that brings them together despite their unfailing differences.

The team is fronted by Genji, the fearless and resolute emo-esque leader who is just too cool for school and would rather lead his errant truants into far more exciting and dangerous other dimensions and piloting mechas in big dangerous giant robot death-matches than get a nice solid and decidedly non-fatal state education. His special powers seem to involve him being super-mega-cool and awesome or something. It's annoyingly vague and never truly understood in order to create some kind of mystery about him. Or it might just be something rather silly like the wind that always makes his long coat flap whenever he strikes a hero pose, which, unfortunately, is every time the pretentious little fuck comes on the screen.

Osami is his brother or best friend or something, nobody is ever quite sure due to poor translation of the original Japanese and some half-arsed scripting in the first place. One thing is for certain is that he's the overweight, retarded comedy relief that somewhat insanely was allowed to get behind the wheel of a giant mechanical death machine! His special powers seem to consist of not getting killed via his own allegedly-comedic buffoonery, whether through his clumsiness or the vehement hatred of his team mates who annoyingly always manage to find some sort of positive life affirming lesson to take away from his acts of idiocy which seem enough to completely absolve him of his status as a liability for which seppuku would be a kindness.

Tatsumi is the older of the three girls and has small eyes which, of course, means she's the villain. But she isn't. Or is she? She's smarter than the others, can be vindictive, spiteful and cruel but her weakness is her anger and apparent inability to realise that she's the villain. Or is she? No, really, she is. She's going to betray them all. Or is she? Her special power seems to be not being the obvious traitor in their midsts whose every attempt to control Netara Nanotronics to unleash her robo-cyber-winged-nano-mecha-monkeys of contrived death upon the world is overlooked as "harmless teenage angst" and whose inevitable backstabbing and underhandedness towards her fellow team is always conveniently overlooked and forgotten about by the next episode where they're all chums again.

Kaori is the bubbly heroine every fangirl wants to be. She's all doe-eyed in love with Genji who is, naturally, too cool to realise that she seems to be fawning over him every time he's not in a solo hero pose or piloting a mech. Her special power seems to be the ability to completely and utterly overreact to every. single. situation. that. ever. happens. even. if. it's. a. puppy. licking. its. balls! She almost permanently talks in either a delighted squee or an overly horrified scree. Her bouts of naivete are matched only by Osami's dumb-founding, jaw-droppingly inane acts of near fatality that end up causing more trouble for the team than his salary in, apparently, further brain-damage is worth. To Kaori, maturity is a constant stranger as are Genji's affections. Make sad manga face now.

Naoki is the young, plucky wannabe who ever other fangirl wants to be. She wants to be just like her hero Tatsumi, little knowing that she is about to be betrayed. (Or is she?) She's the token tomboy to even up the gender numbers on both sides. A girl who acts all tough like a boy but is constantly reminded of her female frailties only to occasionally prove herself invaluable in saving the boys. And by boys I mean Osami from the inevitable self-inflicted big red button pushing doom (Genji is too cool to need saving!). She has yet to display any of the super-secret powers that the others wear on their sleeves for all to see because she and puberty are some distance away. Which probably means that by the time she does actually gain any special powers other than the fact that this infant has been allowed to take part in life-threatening missions and deadly sports, people will be so bored with the umpteenth series of Invincible Gekizenmos Go that they'd much rather do something else instead.

The Netara Nanotronic's Invincible Gekizenmos Go Mecha Mk I (also called Daxo) is, unsurprisingly, black. Why black? Because its pilot is Genji, of course, and it has to look cool or he wouldn't get in it in the first place. Despite their other traits, the one thing all members of Invincible Gekizenmos Go have in common is their ability to connect seamlessly with the neural interface developed from technology absconded from Dimension X. The cockpit is filled with that pinky goo from The Matrix and webbed interfaces go on their heads plugging into their pitiful pubescent brain-meats despite their oversized hair-dos. Amazingly, whenever they come out of that icky stuff, they only look slimed for about a few seconds or so and afterwards their hair and clothing is perfect again, etc, etc. Naturally, this is something inherited from the fact that this pinky goo was discovered or possibly secreted by Genji in a dream whilst he was trapped in Dimension X thanks to the painfully predictable brain-fart of his so-called brother/friend/maybe even secret lover Osami which Tatsumi tried to exploit to become the new team leader and recruit her also "not evil" sister, Sahori, to the team, over which Kaori spent the entire time attracting stray dogs with her high-pitched incessant pining and whining over the loss of her unrequited beloved, which of course prompted Naoki to somewhat unimaginatively and clearly pointlessly prove her worth (yet again!) by rescuing him, which, of course, gave Sahori the motivation she needed to act in the exact same manner as her sister would have but be recognised as the villain of the week without anyone batting an eyelid of suspicion towards the one who brought her on board in the first place and was planning to betray them all along. (Or was she?)

Daxo is armed with some strange alien-looking plasma pistol style thing which makes strange noises when it fires and has lots of pointless glowy lights and tubes and stuff on it that make it look all alieny and Dimension X-esque. Oh, and because Genji is piloting it Daxo always looks cool. Always. Even if it gets beaten to an oil-dripping nuclear fuel reactor leaking pulp, it still looks like every mecha-fanboys wet dream.


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