Pre-Emptive Force

CEO – Dorin Ilie

Specialising in peace-keeping, Pre-Emptive Force are a mercenary outfit who mainly work for the Earth Government, proving that Mechas can be used as military resource.

PEF lean towards Missions over Tournaments (and compete for 2 reasons – Tradition and Image – they started in the Arena and polls suggest that should PEF stop competing, their image as ‘A Force of Good’ would tarnish).
While they have more Mechas than anyone else, many of these are unavailable – putting down a petty dictator or breaking up illegal weapon rings.
Pre-Emptive rarely subsidise companies, often only doing so to those with a sterling record and when requested to do so. They do advise the government however, who will occasionally subsidise companies into their peace-keeping force (deputising them, for all intents and purposes), in exchange for some pro-bono work.

Notable Mechas:
PeaceMaker (Pilot – Samuel Colt)
Earth’s Fist (Pilot – Zhenya Aleksei)
Martian Angel (Pilot – Sabina Veronica)

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