Lunargent Serpentis

Name Devlin Cross
Auspice Elodoth
Tribe Bone Shadow
Renown Purity 1, Wisdom 2
Gifts & Rituals Scent Beneath The Surface, Scent of Taint. Rite of Dedication
Notes Pack Alpha, Spirit Envoy.

Name Reflected Moon
Auspice Ithaeur
Tribe Iron Master
Renown Wisdom 2, Cunning 1
Gifts & Rituals Left Handed Spanner, Ruin, Blending
Notes Pack Shaman, Loremaster.

Name Artemis
Auspice Cahalith
Tribe Blood Talons
Renown Glory 3, Cunning 1
Gifts & Rituals Father Wolf's Speed, Mighty Bound, Rallying Cry
Notes Pack Scout.

Name Marcus
Auspice Rahu
Tribe Blood Talon
Renown Purity 1, Glory 2
Gifts & Rituals Attunement, Hone Rage, Crushing Blow
Notes Pack Tank.

Name Rattles-Before-Striking
Spirit-Type Rattlesnake, Greater Gaffling
Numinia ???
Notes I'll likely pad this out when I'm back home and can see the sheet. ITS BEEN FOUR MONTHS FLIP. WHERES THE GOODS HUH?!

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