Mage - Recap

Where are we?

Currently the cabal is in possession of a pre-fall relic, a bronze falcon statue. The cabal is intimate with the location of its initial discovery, a cave near the congo river. Research of the statue and the writings around it has yielded few results. What has been discovered, however, is that the surrounding area was visited by an Acanthus explorer in the 30's and a few interesting details were recorded.

On a subsequent visit to the site the cabal encountered a group of two mages and a machine-like geist. After a short fight one of the mages was captured and taken back to the sanctum by Felix and Samel, while Wardenclife and Mr. Scratch abducted the explorer they had been waiting for (who turned out to be a sleepwalker) and took him for a ride in the jungle.

The captured mage escaped easily, though Felix took a risk and informed the Guardians and the Free Council of his presence in London. Currently it remains to be seen whether the gambit will pay off, or if Felix has unwittingly brought the Seventh Seal's more questionable activities to the attention of the Concilium.

The city is on edge due to a spate of ‘biological attacks’, which are actually abyssal intrusions. Nothing is known of the cause, and if the guardians have dug up any info then they’re not sharing. Three separate outbreaks have occurred in the last three weeks.

Almost all cabal members (Mr. Scratch being the exception) have met their mentors and initiated their legacy training.

What have we done?

The cabal successfully tracked and confronted a mage by the name of Savage, a criminal wanted on numerous counts of murder. He was clearly insane, and after passing the falcon relic on to the party he gave little information aside from the fact that he began receiving visions of the artefact after being told of its whereabouts by a stranger. He also told the cabal to watch out for ‘God’, who apparently wants the thing too.

The Guardians have spoken to the cabal a number of times concerning Savage and the relic’s disappearance. Fortunately their suspicion seems to have abated, for now.

The cabal also helped in the induction of a newly-awakened mage named Judith. She eventually moved on to join the Guardians of the Veil.

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