There's gaps here - the Lizardmen have an entirely seperate set of Gods, and several new religions have developed over time. I'll do these when it's less late.
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The people of Uruz worship a panathaleon known as the 'Old Gods', who represent forces of nature. They're generally portrayed as being very uninvolved with mankind - incredibly powerful, but with far less interest in individual people. Scholars suggest that the same gods are seen in all cultures.

The Izas gods are split into Summer and Winter courts, each side being seen as an entirely seperate entity (the exception being Snow, who is seen as a single god with two different temperments. Both temperments are seen as imoral - Snow brings death, but it's temperment defines whether it brings it to you.

Summer Sun
Goddess of growth and nourishment, patron of Crops
When the Summer Sun shines, the snow melts and the crops grow
Winter Sun
God of warmth, community and families, patron of fire
When Winter Sun cannot rise, he is found in the hearth fires, and in people you share them with
Summer Mammoth
God of War and Strength, patron of Male Fertility
Summer Mammoth is strong and powerfull, he fights for land of for the right to mate
Winter Mammoth
Goddess of Sacrifice and Loyalty, patron of Female Fertility
Winter Mammoth dies so that we may eat her flesh and survive, in the wild she dies to protect her young pups
Summer Snow
God of poor fortune
When the Summer Snow comes, it comes without warning. Crops die and travellers freeze
Winter Snow
God of good fortune
The Winter Snow hides your footsteps and masks your smell, it allows you to get close to your prey without it seeing
Summer Wood
Goddess of Construction and Creation, patron of defence
When summer comes it is time to fell the trees and build new structures
Winter Wood
God of Protection and Survival, patron of healers
When the snowstorm strikes, Wood is your protection, it brings warmth and safety, and proves that life can survive the harshest winter


Goddess of growth and inebrehation, patron of wine
Crescita brings the grape, in her honour drink the fruit of her creation
God of warmth, community and families, patron of the Guilds
Emico watches and blesses the Guilds, treat them as you'd treat your family
God of War, Strength and Combat
No matter who's army you stand in, you march under Adirato's banner
Goddess of the Family, Fertility and Children
Creazione smiles on the household, protects the children and guides the parents
God of Chance and Fortune, patron of Gamblers
Provarci watches your dice and knows your cards. To cheat is to risk his ire
God of Construction and Architecture, patron of artists
To build pleases Pietra, to scult stone with skill pleases him more
God of Protection and Healing, patron of doctors and watchmen
to please Benedizione, protect your brother, or if you cannot, tend his wounds

Goddess of growth farming, patron of the Farming Caste
Zai'at looks to those who work the land, strike them and risk her anger
God of Family, Skirmish Warfare and Feuds, patron of the Tribe
Ustuwari blesses the Tribe, grow strong in his eyes by crushing your enemy
God of War and Strength, patron of the Warrior Caste
When Atish-Pawar calls you to fight, your feuds with your neighbours are forgotten
God of trade, patron of the Trading Caste
Pray for those who leave the Tribe to find fortunes - for every one that returns with riches, ten will not return at all.
Goddess of Construction and Creation, patron of Sailors
Wood builds boats and war machines, both of which fuel the war
Winter Wood
God of Sacrifice and Loyalty, patron of Doctors
When the wound festers, you remove the limb. When you hinder the tribe, you leave.

Upper Persh
Goddess of plants and the earth, patron of Crops
The earth brings life, from which everything grows
God of Destruction and Death, patron of fire
Beware the flame, it destroys all it touches
God of the Hunt and the Predators of the wood, patron of Beast-Riders
The only way to kill the creatures that stalk to trees is to become one
Goddess of Perserverence and Family, patron of Slaves
Vaesorali knows you must do what you can to survive
Velol Shalaer
God of fortune and escape
The predators know to run beneath you when they chance - eventually you fall
Goddess of Trees, Shelter and Health
The trees are the heart of the world, they provide wealth, safety and a home, it's blood gives us medicine and health

Goddess of the rainy season and of life, patron of Water and Life
When the rain comes, the rivers swell and the crops come to life
God of heat and dehydration, patron of the Sun and Death
Fear Al-Hrarh, under his gaze even kings turn to ash
God of War and Strength, patron of the Elephant
The Elephant embodies strength, when they fight, the ground thunders
Goddess of Shade and Shelter, patron of caravans
M'Wa is scarred and injured, she bears the force of Al-Hrarh to offer you shade
God of Sand and of Fate
When Thrwh is displeased, he reveals tombs and scours the land, when pleased he reveals earth and creates shade
Goddess of Cities, Buildings
Mdynh gives us the tree, from which we build our homes and caravans
God of Education and Learning, patron of doctors and Heroes
T'lm blesses those who wish to learn, those who learn help our country thrive

The Lizardmen worship a different set of gods, brought with them when they arrived on Uruz.
Lizardmen gods are split into two courts - the High (K'aana - purview of the Mind) and Low (Koolik - purview of the Heart) courts.
They see each god as only one half of a being, and incomplete unless bonded with a god of the opposing court, Lizardmen worship these composite gods. They believe to worship half a god leads to madness, and that should the gods be unable to bond, they'd go mad themselves.

Each god is also associated with a colour, all lizardmen are born with coloured markings, said to define which god has touched them. A lizardman marked by the Koolik court will primarily worship a god from the K'aana court (and the god that marked them second).
Some Lizardmen are born with two different colour markings (one high, one low). They're seen as Priests or Heroes, and as naturally balanced.
Occasionally a Lizardman is born who's entire body is the colour of a god. They are seen as Prophets and leaders, and often unite the lizardmen beneath them. However, they're naturally imbalanced, and must first seek out a similar lizardman of the opposite Court, with which to bond, or will be driven mad.

Tzoltik, God of learning, associated with the colour Cream
Meentik, God of creating, associated with the colour Brown
Kinaan, God of battle, associated with the colour Red
K'aah, God of Hate, associated with the colour Black
Ta'as, God of Hunger, associated with the colour White
Yaah, God of Love, associated with the colour Yellow

Tzoltik-K'aah, Patron of dark magic and lies
Tzoltik-Ta'as, Patron of study and information
Tzoltik-Yaah, Patron of poetry and prose
Meentik-K'aah, Patron of poison and treachery
Meenitk-Ta'as, Patron of Passion, Crops and Fertility
Meenitk-Yaah, Patron of the Family and Romantic Love
Kinaan-K'aah, Patron of Warfare
Kinaan-Ta'as, Patron of Invasion and Expansion
Kinaan-Yaah, Patron of Honour and Duels

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