Known Vampires

The vampires control large areas of the city, but generally don't interfere with the Werewolves, leaving them free to do what they like - they're generally concerned more with specific buisnesses and companies than city blocks. The one exception is the area to the direct North of the territory (give or take a few blocks), which is apparently used as some kind of Feeding Ground, and encouraged to be poor and violent.

Name: Leigh Birkin
Clan: Daeva
Role: Unknown
Notes: Relatively young, associate of Artemis. Frequents "The Mausoleum"

Name: Jonesy
Clan: Unknown
Role: Unknown
Notes: Part of a 'coiterie' with Leigh

Name: Stefan Landolfi
Clan: Mekhet
Role: Prince
Notes: Exists, has been met. Seems amenable enough

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