Local Name: Sah'weyo
Language: Sehyo
A arid, primarily desert county, the majority of the cities are built around the edge - in the dregs of the forest from Persh, or by the sea. Blessed with seas thick with fish, and large amounts of raw ore, it's a wealthy, prosperous country. The majority of the population are packed into vast cities. Art and Culture and important, and the comfortable, stable cities make it viable and active.
Sah'weyo was the home of magical research during the Great Kingdom, and sections of magical equipment and knowledge remain. This has left Sah'weyo the centre of learning and magical knowledge.
This magical residue has tainted the land around it however, the sands are laced with magical energy, and re-animate any dead that are buried in it. Empires have been lost in the sands over the years, meaning vast armies of the undead wait, occasionally the sand shifts and a settlement is revealed, leading to raids on the nearby living. Generally these attacks are little more than brainless rushes, but occasionally something will retain some of it's intelligence and lead structured attacks. Occasionally schollars who fear death look to become an intelligent undead, and retreat to the sands to find an army to rule.

Grave Robbing is seen as a noble art, graves can contain dangerous threats, and often contain valuable treasures, those who are willing to enter the tombs to clear them out are lauded as heroes. Today people are buried at sea, returning a body to their home village for burial is seen as a necessity - a man may kill his worst enemy, but he will not leave him to the sands.

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