Cheap land is Saturn’s pulling point – far enough away from The Near Planets that land prices are fractions of what they are elsewhere (yet safer than Uranus), Saturn is home to millions of start-up businesses. Competition is aggressive but honourable, and it’s not unusual for companies to share security groups, to reduce costs. While all companies here dream of moving further towards the sun, very few do.
The civilians of Saturn enjoy a level of luxury not seen on any of the other Distant planets – a wide range of good quality, cheap goods are available for them to purchase.

TITAN (Moon): Home to some of WEI's testing facilities, in addition to a significant Time Share program.

RHEA (Moon): Home to Avatar Industries main installations. Worryingly close to WEI.

IAPETUS (Moon): Graceland Home of Graceland, the moon is 50% tourist resort, 50% high-security research station.

DIONE (Moon): Mekam Showmoon All 7 Mekam companies own large orbiting showrooms above the moon, often containing a large variety of parts. The moon's surface is oddly terraformed, offering a wide variety of landscapes and environments. It is used to 'test-drive' new Mecha parts and styles.

TETHYS (Moon): Blasted wasteland. Home to the Positron Wars of 2024-2028

MIMAS (Tiny Moon):

HYPERION (Tiny Moon): A WEI owned moon, over the years since it was reached, much of the inside has been mined for resources, WEI maintain the base present there is only a low gravity testing facility, but the entire moon is private property, and trespassers have been shot.

PHOEBE (Tiny Moon):
JANUS (Tiny Moon):

PROMETHEUS (Tiny Moon): Jointly owned by the Solomon and Goldstein families, this is where the Foundation does most of its real work. The ever-growing Abram Base provides homes for S-G's workers along with the necessary offices, training and production facilities.

PANDORA (Tiny Moon):One of three moons the Teriha BM^2C have a stake in, Pandora is primarily a way-station between the companies other locations, though a small percentage of their manufacturing capability is based here, as is their training facility, the most recent star pupil being Mattias Gunnersson. Despite a shaky start to the current season, he appears to be a good choice.

SIARNAQ (Tiny Moon):
HELENE (Tiny Moon):
ALBIORIX (Tiny Moon):
ATLAS (Tiny Moon):
PAN (Tiny Moon):
TELESTO (Tiny Moon):
PAALIAQ (Tiny Moon):
CALYPSO (Tiny Moon):

YMIR (Tiny Moon): Duchy of Bristol Rain: an original smelting planet, Once an idyllic paradise, Ymir is now a world in turmoil – thick smog fills the air and it’s ruler has not been seen in generations – the Executives who run the planet in his place ensure large percentage of the population are unwittingly drugged into a pleasant stupor. Those who avoid this are violent and angry, often resorting to terrorism and bombings. The plant’s smelters are completely automated, leaving the majority of the population unemployed and destitute.

KIVIUQ (Tiny Moon):
TARVOS (Tiny Moon):
IJIRAW (Tiny Moon):
ERRIAPO (Tiny Moon):
OTHERS (Tiny Moon):

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