Name: Simon Black
Clan: Assamite Antitribu
Generation: 11th
Sire: Unknown
Disciplines: Celerity, Quietus, Obfuscate

Sex: Male
Apparent age: mid 20s (it's the grey hair…)
Date of Birth: 1st November 1951
Date of Death: 6th July 1972

Hair: Short, black hair with some grey.
Eyes: Brown

Picture: <insert picture here>


After being sired (once the initial shock had passed), Simon realised his "life" had been rather pointless, and that vampirism offered great power. He served a seven year apprenticeship under his sire (as is often customary for new assamites), travelling across much of Europe and North Africa. Soon after his apprenticeship was over, however, Simon learned of a plot that Aaron was in against the Sabbat and informed his sire's superiors. Although many of the plotters were destroyed Aaron escaped and went into hiding. Simon decided this was a good time to leave for America.


Although at first glance he looks quite young, ignoring the premature grey hair, at second glance there are signs that he may not be as young as he looks. He is of average height, slightly above average weight. He is clean shaven. He has the slightly unnerving habit of staring straight at people when they talk and tilting his head slightly to one side.

He also tends to avoid standing near mirrors, as the totally lack of reflection kind of clues mortals to the fact he's not actually one of them…

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