SkryeKorp began its life way back in 2113 as a small pharmaceutical company specialising mainly in cold and flue medicines for Russian peasants. It was founded by Jhoronakov Skyre a scientist renowned for his determination if not his sanity.
SkyreKorp made its first millions in 2130 when it reputedly discovered a cure for Aids which was sold worldwide for great acclaim. Only in 2136 when it was discovered that the ‘cure’ merely delayed the symptoms was a backlash suffered. As the populations of the Earth were ravaged by the rather extreme spread of the disease during the ‘cure’ years, a large number of the SkryeKorp leaders were arrested. Fortunately for the company all of these were scapegoats and through clever pre-emptive legal nuance the company was not held legally responsible for its mistakes and managed to reinvest its massive profits to truly become a mega corporation.
Almost a century after its inception and SkryeKorp is still going strong. With branches in Waste disposal, fast food, engineering, weaponry and of course pharmaceuticals, SkyreKorp is going from strength to strength. Recent rumours that internal SkyreKorp politics have caused the loss of billions in revenue and prompted the desperate investment in the ‘Giant Robots With Guns’ television series are to be ignored. SkryeKorps official spokesperson and pilot Ikitsung Klang has publicly stated that SkryeKorps unexpected and rushed entry into the competition was to advertise its superior laser weaponry components and the positive effects of fast-food on pit crews.

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