The Solar System Today

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Interplanetary travel has become a practical reality, and most planets within the Solar System have been colonised. It takes approximately 1 week to travel from one planet to the next and an additional half week for each planet after the first (we’re ignoring orbits, they’ll only complicate things). It takes 1 day to travel from moon to moon or moon to planet (or vice versa)
(As a general rule I’ve ignored Moons – I know some people are interested in laying claim to them or fleshing them out – so go for it, so long as you don’t create something obviously unusual, I’ve no problems with it).
Tiny Moons are any moon with a diameter under 250 km


MERCURY: Under sole possession of New Power Corporation, the majority of the planet has been turned into Solar and Fusion power plants; the vast excess of energy taken is shipped back to planets further in the system in large batteries.

VENUS: Colonised and settled in its entirety, Venus is a tropical paradise. Owned almost entirely by the rich and fabulous, owning a Venus Headquarters is seen as a sign of prestige and success. The Solomon-Goldstein Foundation maintains a modest office here to accommodate the wealthiest of its clients.

EARTH: Starting to get a bit run down, Earth is home to the vast majority of Humanity. A mixture of dense city and arid wasteland, it relies on nearby planets to produce goods the people need to survive, terraforming and moving most production off-planet is slowly returning earth’s o-zone layer and pulling it back from destruction.
LUNA (Moon): Due to trouble terraforming, the moon is almost entirely covered one large space-station style city. Most companies keep a headquarters here as it has become the Corporate centre for earth, mainly due to the lack of Earth-Law (The Moon is officially corporation-ruled). As a result, espionage is high here, and although reported as lower, violent crime (especially murder) is believed to be significantly higher.

MARS: A pastoral planet, many Martians work in the food-producing industry, creating and rearing goods to send to Earth. A large percentage of the population are ex-convicts, sent to Mars to reduce crowding on earth, they gained their freedom when threatening to stop shipping to Earth.
Despite its English-Countryside-like charm, organised crime is rampant here as smuggling enterprises to the distant planets and moons (where Real Meat is practically unknown) can produce an astronomical fortune.
PHOBOS (Moon): The poor-man’s answer to Mars, Phobos is responsible for the majority of factory-produced or genetically engineered meats. Food produced here is labelled “Phobos” then the variety (Phobos-Chicken, Phobos-Pork), as it comes from an animal that is legally distinct from the original variety. (Cube-Chicken or Vat-O-Pig are Stirling examples). Despite the hideously unnatural products produced on Phobos, it is often argued to be the most humane meat available, as their creatures are reared without nerve-endings or developed brains.
DEIMOS (Tiny Moon): Currently Quarantined: There have been no communications from Wolven Enterprises Inc. bases on the moon for several months, no one knows what happened or is happening there, all attempts to discover have met with failure.

CERES (Dwarf): Merely the largest body of the asteroid field, Ceres is carefully monitored – its Water supply is a highly valuable resource, importing Fresh water back into the system (to the few places that can afford it). Also of value however, are the valuable ores that can be found on the nearby asteroids. A careful balance between the two products has been taken, and the planet’s supervisors are Very strict when it comes to keeping it that way.


JUPITER (Gas): Regarded as the last point of Civilization, the collected moons of Jupiter are home to most trades, businesses and people, between Resort Moons (offering R&R to the miners of Ceres) to Industrial Moons (Producing anything and everything) to Settled Moons (ranging from moon-wide slums to Palatial Estates). While everything here pales in comparison to that of The Near Planets, there’s freedom to be found here that can’t there.
GANYMEDE (Moon): Ganymede is a settled world owned entirely by Iocom. It is here Iocom makes its headquarters and the government of the world is that of the corporation. The population of this metropolis is entirely Iocom staff. Despite being one of the first settled moons, Ganymede is still one of the finer off-world colonies, mostly consisting of upscale housing and entertainment. Visitors to the moon are not unwelcome but few visit here more than once unless they have business with the company.
CALLISTO (Moon):Callisto has long been considered the best platform for mankind's exploration of both the Jovian planetary system and the outer solar system as a whole, and it is only by extreme fortune that Teriha BM^2C managed to claim even part of it for their own. Teriha's public headquarters are based in the center of the Valhalla multi-ring impact crater, a tower made of obsidian blocks, nicknamed the Black Mountain. The view of the crater itself are spectacular, and are unspoilt by buildings, most of Teriha BM^2C's production facilities being beneath the surface, in a series of interconnecting tunnels. The rest of the moon is free for anyone else to claim
IO (Moon): Bought by Iocom early in the age of inter-planetary space travel, it is one of the earliest and more prominent Industrial Worlds within the Solar System. It produces many of the raw and refined materials used in Iocom’s products; those it cannot produce are generally mined within the Asteroid Belt and shipped here for smelting. The moon is both an Industrial Complex and a mineral resource. It is unusual in Industry for using much of the natural geography of the moon to aid in the Industrial Process. Both the extreme Tidal Forces and the constant Seismic activity are used to greatly enhance the smelting, refining and production of both metals and silicates. Io has also been at the forefront of many of the controversies and scandals that have plagued Iocom’s corporate history.
EUROPA (Moon): Iocom operates a large fishery and small water bottling plant on the northern pole. Much of the rest of the moon is owned by Netara Nanotronics where they utilise it for both production facilities and top secret projects. Last month communications were lost for several days and nobody seems to know what happened. Once communication was restored the CEO of Netara Nanotronics claimed it was just an anomalous EMP, but since then productions at Iocom's fishery and water bottling plant have been sky-rocketing.
AMALTHEA (Tiny Moon): Amalthea is a moon of palatial estates. Most exist simply to occasionally take in the spectacle of the rise of Jupiter in the mornings. It is a planet of exceptional beauty, one that few people can afford. Many executives have their homes here from companies such as Iocom, the S-G Foundation and xxxx.
HIMALIA (Tiny Moon): Dismeyworld: The happiest place on Jupiter. Dismey are so powerful there's a good chance they own your soul.
THEBE (Tiny Moon): A small Industrial Moon controlled by Iocom. It refines the materials brought in by small Iocom ships designed to mine the rings and upper atmosphere of Jupiter for rare elements. Most of the refined material is then shipped out to Ganymede or Io for processing.
ELARA (Tiny Moon):
PASIPHAË (Tiny Moon):
METIS (Tiny Moon): Owned by Netara Nanotronics. Reports of flashes sighted that seem to be weapons fire have been recorded, but no further information is available.
SINOPE (Tiny Moon):
LYSITHEA (Tiny Moon):
ANANKE (Tiny Moon):
LEDA (Tiny Moon):
ADRASTEA (Tiny Moon):
EURYDOME (Tiny Moon): Eurydome is one of the two tiny moons owned by Iocom and perhaps the company’s most important investment and one that Iocom guards most jealously. This is because Eurydome, being one of the furthest moons out, is used as both media broadcasting and signal amplification/relay station, which allows them to broadcast to the entirety of the Jupiter orbital system, as well as relay and amplify media signals out to the other Distant Planets. Iocom is willing to relay any company’s broadcasts alongside its own for a modest price. Eurydome also houses several small industrial plants for making delicate electronics and a Iocom Security Force training facility based here.
CARPO (Tiny Moon):
PRAXIDIDE (Tiny Moon):
IOCASTE (Tiny Moon):
HARPALYKE (Tiny Moon):
THYONE (Tiny Moon):
EUANTHE (Tiny Moon):
EUPORIE (Tiny Moon):
EUKALADE (Tiny Moon):
CHALDENE (Tiny Moon):
ISONOE (Tiny Moon):
KALYKE (Tiny Moon):
ERINOME (Tiny Moon):
AITNE (Tiny Moon):
KALE (Tiny Moon):
PASOTHEE (Tiny Moon):
MAGACLITE (Tiny Moon):
AUTONOE (Tiny Moon):
SPONDE (Tiny Moon):
OTHER MOONS (Tiny Moon):

SATURN (gas): Cheap land is Saturn’s pulling point – far enough away from The Near Planets that land prices are fractions of what they are elsewhere (yet safer than Uranus), Saturn is home to millions of start-up businesses. Competition is aggressive but honourable, and it’s not unusual for companies to share security groups, to reduce costs. While all companies here dream of moving further towards the sun, very few do.
The civilians of Saturn enjoy a level of luxury not seen on any of the other Distant planets – a wide range of good quality, cheap goods are available for them to purchase.
TITAN (Moon): Home to some of WEI's testing facilities, in addition to a significant Time Share program.
RHEA (Moon): Home to Avatar Industries main installations. Worryingly close to WEI.
DIONE (Moon):
TETHYS (Moon): Blasted wasteland. Home to the Positron Wars of 2024-2028
MIMAS (Tiny Moon):
HYPERION (Tiny Moon): A WEI owned moon, over the years since it was reached, much of the inside has been mined for resources, WEI maintain the base present there is only a low gravity testing facility, but the entire moon is private property, and trespassers have been shot.
PHOEBE (Tiny Moon):
JANUS (Tiny Moon):
PROMETHEUS (Tiny Moon): Jointly owned by the Solomon and Goldstein families, this is where the Foundation does most of its real work. The ever-growing Abram Base provides homes for S-G's workers along with the necessary offices, training and production facilities.
PANDORA (Tiny Moon):One of three moons the Teriha BM^2C have a stake in, Pandora is primarily a way-station between the companies other locations, though a small percentage of their manufacturing capability is based here, as is their training facility, the most recent star pupil being Mattias Gunnersson. Despite a shaky start to the current season, he appears to be a good choice.
SIARNAQ (Tiny Moon):
HELENE (Tiny Moon):
ALBIORIX (Tiny Moon):
ATLAS (Tiny Moon):
PAN (Tiny Moon):
TELESTO (Tiny Moon):
PAALIAQ (Tiny Moon):
CALYPSO (Tiny Moon):
YMIR (Tiny Moon): Duchy of Bristol Rain: an original smelting planet, Once an idyllic paradise, Ymir is now a world in turmoil – thick smog fills the air and it’s ruler has not been seen in generations – the Executives who run the planet in his place ensure large percentage of the population are unwittingly drugged into a pleasant stupor. Those who avoid this are violent and angry, often resorting to terrorism and bombings. The plant’s smelters are completely automated, leaving the majority of the population unemployed and destitute.
KIVIUQ (Tiny Moon):
TARVOS (Tiny Moon):
IJIRAW (Tiny Moon):
ERRIAPO (Tiny Moon):
OTHERS (Tiny Moon):

URANUS (gas): Often Unregulated and Unpoliced, Uranus’ moons are a haven for those who lean towards the darker edge of industry – cloned-to-order bride companies or Mind-Stealers flock to these planets. Those who try to remain honest are constantly vigilant for trouble, and often paranoid and wary of strangers.
The reason these Moons are allowed to continue as they do, is that they’re often merely subsidies of larger corporations, who make a great deal of profit from their secret deals.
OBERON (Moon):
ARIEL (Moon):
MIRANDA (Tiny Moon):
SYCORAX (Tiny Moon):
PUCK (Tiny Moon):
PORTIA (Tiny Moon):
CALIBAN (Tiny Moon): High levels of inate radiation have left Caliban terroformed into a savage jungle-world. Most attempts to settle have been met with failure, with the exception of a single city, protected by Pre-Emptive Force. This city exports vast quantities of lumber.
JULIET (Tiny Moon): A bustling industrial city-world, Juliet produces a large variety of parts for export from thousands of companies. The Savas Family - Experts in illegal Neural Surgery and Mind-Stealing are rumoured to have headquarters here.
BELINDA (Tiny Moon):
CRESSIDA (Tiny Moon):
ROSALIND (Tiny Moon):
DESDEMONA (Tiny Moon):
BIANCA (Tiny Moon):
OPHELIA (Tiny Moon):
CORDELIA (Tiny Moon):
SETEBOS (Tiny Moon):
PROSPERO (Tiny Moon): New Deseret: Settled entirely by The Church of Joseph, a Christian Offshoot and are preparing for the End Times. Their capital is called His Rapture, and is the only place non-Josephites are allowed to visit (and even then, only certain parts). Josephites are pacifists and no-one is sure how they’ve managed to last this long, however many local pirates have been seen to have joined their cause, suggesting the Josephites simply convert any troublemakers to their cause.
PERDITA (Tiny Moon):
MAB (Tiny Moon):
STEPHANO (Tiny Moon): Recently teraformed, Stephano is still incredibly wet and foggy. A few small settlements exist, mainly based around the the upkeep and repair of the teraforming equipment. Pre-Emptive Force have a small outpost here, under employ of Earth Government.
CUPID (Tiny Moon):
FRANCISCO (Tiny Moon):
FERDINAND (Tiny Moon):
MARGARET (Tiny Moon):
TRINCULO (Tiny Moon):

NEPTUNE (gas): Industry Heavy, Neptune’s moons are cold, desolate places. Reliant almost entirely on energy from Mercury, Neptune’s moons specialise in Mass Production and Mining, these moons often house only those people working at the moment, many of whom actually live on Saturn, and work in shifts. All Mekam companies own Moons around Neptune, mass producing Mechas and Vehicles for import into the other planets due to the amount of space for production and testing.
TRITON (Moon):The frozen moon of Triton is host to Teriha BM^2C's reasearch and development laboratories, and a small but significant number of mines. Currently their major project is an attempt to capture the energy produced by the ice vents, in the hopes of supplementing their energy supplies, or even removing the dependence on Mercurian batteries entirely. Unfortunately, while successful, the slow rate of energy gain is such that the project is not viable for major energy production. Teriha BM^2C is now attempting to can access or control of the rest of the vent network, in an attempt to increase production, but the company is reluctant to reveal their reasons, as they are afraid another company will take the idea. Consequently, they have so far been unsuccessful. The rest of the moon is available to anyone else who wants it*
**PROTEUS (Tiny Moon):
Owned by DAWN
NEREID (Tiny Moon): Owned by CASTLE
LARISSA (Tiny Moon): Owned by TALON
GALATEA (Tiny Moon): Owned by GOLIATH
DESPINA (Tiny Moon): Owned by HAWK
THALASSA (Tiny Moon): Owned by TANK
HALIMEDE (Tiny Moon): Owned by WRAITH
NESO (Tiny Moon):
NAIAD (Tiny Moon):
SAO (Tiny Moon):
LAOMEDEIA (Tiny Moon):
PSAMATHE (Tiny Moon):

PLUTO (dwarf): There are rumours that Netara Nanotronics found something on Pluto when they were setting up a monitoring station. Whatever it was they found made them tighten security, alter their plans and it is now a veritable fortress.
CHARON (Moon): The Netara Nanotronics monitoring station was relocated to here.
NIX (Tiny Moon): Owned by Netara Nanotronics.
HYDRA (Tiny Moon): Owned by Netara Nanotronics.

ERIS (dwarf): Heralded as ‘The Next Step Out’, Eris is dedicated to building ships that can pass through the space between Solar Systems. Highly spiritual, Erisians have come to terms with the fact that they will never know if the succeed or not (as it would take generations to reach the next planet).
DYSNOMIA (moon): Eris’s biggest project, Dysnomia is slowly being converted into a stable self-sustaining planet-ship. This project will take hundreds of years to complete however, and minor mistakes can push their completion date back years.

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