Solomon-Goldstein Foundation

Originally founded by Abraham Solomon and John Goldstein more than three centuries ago, the S-G Foundation is one of the Solar System's oldest and most respected financiers. Even today, it remains under the control of representatives of the two original families.

The Foundation produces few goods of its own, but provides monetary backing, training and management to smaller companies. It has a reputation for ethical investment, and frequently supports technologies which are affordable and accessible rather than the cutting-edge developments favoured by other corporations. Employees speak highly of the lifestyle benefits provided by S-G.

In this electronic age, the S-G Foundation is the only large-scale corporation that still manufactures books. The company only turns a modest profit on these products, but current joint-director Michael Goldstein has issued a statement that "turning away completely from paper would mean turning away from literature and history, and it is our duty to the future that books continue to be written, printed and read". The company recently acquired the NY Times brand, and is hoping to rejuvenate the long-neglected newspaper industry.

Occasionally it is claimed that the Foundation's public image is a front for other practices. IoCom maintain that an agent of S-G was responsible for a recent violent uprising against the company. The Foundation's representatives have dismissed these accusations, and no evidence has ever been brought forwards. Either the Foundation is genuinely as honest and friendly as it claims, or it has the best black ops team in the business.

This year's tournament is the first to see an entry from the S-G Foundation. The company's refusal to enter in previous years has generally been attributed to Josef Solomon, who recently died and was succeeded as head of the Solomon family by his daughter Zarah.


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