Here's some basics about Tariq. I'll come back and flesh this out lat0rz, once the game gets going and I get the time and inclination.

Name: Tariq

Clan: Nosferatu Atitribu
Generation: ???
Sire: ‘Lady Ariadna’

Disciplines: Potence, Animalism, Obfuscate

D.O.B: 1st September 1875
R.I.P: 19th February 1892

Sex: Male
Eyes: Narrow, grey.
Hair: Long, lank and black.
Height: 5' 6"


Hideous. As a Nosferatu Tariq is graced with a predictably horrific visage, though mercifully does not smell quite as bad as most of his brethren. He is exceedingly pale, with thin, dark eyes that are set back in a face that bears numerous pock-marks and scabrous sores. His mouth is overly toothy and grins a little too wide when he smiles, bearing a vague resemblance to the maw of a shark. All of this sits within a frame of greasy, lifeless black hair that falls to the level of his breast-pocket.

Despite his intimidating looks Tariq's stature fails him somewhat in this aspect. Standing at 5'6'' he is rather diminutive and unimposing. The overall effect of this makes him seem more like some kind of goblin as opposed to the monster some might expect.


This is vaguely what Tariq looks like, though he's paler and actually has eyes.
And doesnt hold an axe. Most of the time.


Tariq, despite his utter lack of physical beauty, always dresses impeccably. No matter what the mission he is invariably attired in something befitting noble blood. While it changes from day to day he is most fond of a particular rich, burgundy waistcoat and cravat ensemble, which he wears over a white shirt with black trousers and shoes. All are perfectly crisp and pressed.


While he never plainly states anything of his past Tariq often alludes to aspects of it. A careful listener can perhaps piece together a limited picture, though the veracity of such information is not always certain.

What is for sure is that he was born in England, to a blue blood family. He left them after his embrace, and from there on has been with his sire, whom he often refers to as his mother or as ‘My Lady’. Apart from that, little else is known for definite.

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