Teriha BM^2C

Teriha BM^2C is a shadowy company based in an obsidian tower at the center of the Valhalla multi-ring impact crate on Callisto, often nicknamed the Black Mountain.
Information about the company is difficult to find in the public domain, with most people assuming they have something to do with mining.

While mining does, in fact, comprise a large part of the companies income (BM^2C standing for Black Mountain Mining Company), it isn't their sole source of income. They have extensive underground production facilities on Callisto, and a lesser known mining outfit on Triton, which also hosts their R&D labs. The moon of Pandora is usually cited as a pilot training base, though it is in fact far larger than that, with other purposes.

The chairman of the company (otherwise known as the Clan Chief) is only known by his initials, NvD, rather than a full name, and is believed to be close to retirement age, assuming he doesn't die of apoplexy first: his temper is ferocious.

The companies mecha, Black Storm, is the brainchild of NvD himself, and much rests on it's success, not least the chairman's health.

Black Stom

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