Brown - empty lot
Green - Grass/Trees
Grey - Lode

J2: Club "Point Z" a relatively generic nightclub

T2: Lode 1, Apartment Block infested by Hunger spirits
Resonance: Hunger, Fear, Violence
Notable Spirits: a unexamined Hunger court

T3: O'Tooley's restaurant

D4: Club "The Mausoleum" - a semi-succesfull (and long-lasting) alternative nightclub

K8: Lode 4, Pack's home. Soon-to-be community centre
Resonance: Anger, Hate, Intolerance, Xenophobia
Notable Spirits: Previous lair of the Pure's Totem "The Stranger with Bloody Hands"

N8: Pet shop - home to at least one Captivity Spirit

B10: Lode 2, Derelict Building
Resonance: Hunger, Desperation
Notable Spirits: Rat and Cockroach, home to a Vermin court

B15: Abanndoned building - current home of the Cat Court

F16: Lode 2, Patch of Woodland
Resonance: Primal-Fear, The Hunt
Notable Spirits: Vine and Tree, Bat, Owl, Fox and Rat, a Savage Nature court

N19: Lode3, Bar
Resonance: Lust, Intoxication
Notable Spirits: Alcohol, One-Night-Stand, a predatory alcohol court run by "Too Drunk To Refuse"

North: Vampires - some kind of general hunting-ground.
East: Werewolves - Stray Dogs.
South: Werewolves - Bronze Claws.
West: Vampires - Uncertain.

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