The Nightwatch

A cabal with a mixed order membership the Nightwatchmen are dedicated to the protection of the people on the streets, the homeless and down-trodden who play prey to urban predators.

Name: Mercuria
Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Gnosis: -
Arcana: Death, Matter, Mind.
Notes: Early thirties. Blonde hair, tied back. Modest looks. Leader of the cabal. Provost of the Adamantine Arrows. Head of the Uncrowned Kings.

Name: Ledger
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Gnosis: -
Arcana: Life.
Notes: Mid-twenties. Buzz cut, young complexion. Works as a paramedic.

Name: Eidolon
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Gnosis: -
Arcana: Mind, Fate.
Notes: Late thirties. Weathered, aged beyond his years. Herald of the Guardians.

Name: Artifice
Path: -
Order: Free Council
Gnosis: -
Arcana: -
Notes: Not yet met by the cabal.

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