Often Unregulated and Unpoliced, Uranus’ moons are a haven for those who lean towards the darker edge of industry – cloned-to-order bride companies or Mind-Stealers flock to these planets. Those who try to remain honest are constantly vigilant for trouble, and often paranoid and wary of strangers.
The reason these Moons are allowed to continue as they do, is that they’re often merely subsidies of larger corporations, who make a great deal of profit from their secret deals.

OBERON (Moon):
ARIEL (Moon):
MIRANDA (Tiny Moon):

SYCORAX (Tiny Moon): A small industrial and mining moon divided into 2 large continents. The Eastern Continent is dominated by CavCom, a company who specialise in mining and dabble in Civilian-Mech design.

PUCK (Tiny Moon):
PORTIA (Tiny Moon):

CALIBAN (Tiny Moon): High levels of inate radiation have left Caliban terroformed into a savage jungle-world. Most attempts to settle have been met with failure, with the exception of a single city, protected by Pre-Emptive Force. This city exports vast quantities of lumber.

JULIET (Tiny Moon): A bustling industrial city-world, Juliet produces a large variety of parts for export from thousands of companies. The Savas Family - Experts in illegal Neural Surgery and Mind-Stealing are rumoured to have headquarters here.

BELINDA (Tiny Moon):
CRESSIDA (Tiny Moon):
ROSALIND (Tiny Moon):
DESDEMONA (Tiny Moon):
BIANCA (Tiny Moon):
OPHELIA (Tiny Moon):
CORDELIA (Tiny Moon):
SETEBOS (Tiny Moon):

PROSPERO (Tiny Moon): New Deseret: Settled entirely by The Church of Joseph, a Christian Offshoot and are preparing for the End Times. Their capital is called His Rapture, and is the only place non-Josephites are allowed to visit (and even then, only certain parts). Josephites are pacifists and no-one is sure how they’ve managed to last this long, however many local pirates have been seen to have joined their cause, suggesting the Josephites simply convert any troublemakers to their cause.

PERDITA (Tiny Moon):
MAB (Tiny Moon):

STEPHANO (Tiny Moon): Recently teraformed, Stephano is still incredibly wet and foggy. A few small settlements exist, mainly based around the the upkeep and repair of the teraforming equipment. Pre-Emptive Force have a small outpost here, under employ of Earth Government.

CUPID (Tiny Moon):
FRANCISCO (Tiny Moon):
FERDINAND (Tiny Moon):
MARGARET (Tiny Moon):
TRINCULO (Tiny Moon):

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